Those who have never lived in a mobile home community may not understand what such a community is or means to those who reside in them.

There are many ways to answer the question, “What is a mobile home community?” We hope to provide you with a general summary of what defines a mobile home community. Knowing what it is or can be will help yours thrive. And we’ll show you how to get yours to do just that.

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It would be the aim of any mobile home landlord or manager to see their mobile home community become more than just a place for people to rent housing. It should be a network of homeowners. Read on and we’ll discuss what a mobile home community means.

What is a mobile home community?

So what is a mobile home community?

Generally speaking, a mobile home community is a hub of vibrant homeowners who choose affordable quality housing without the need to own land.

Some mobile home owners choose to own their mobile home and rent the lot where their home sits. Others prefer to rent both the home and lot.

A mobile home community takes out the need for one to be a landowner to afford a house-like situation. Similarly, a mobile home community provides affordable housing with the benefit of space in between housing. This is a much better option to some than an apartment.

There is a common mark of a good mobile home community — a neighborly and committed atmosphere. Because neighbors are all renting the property, there is a mutual concern for the well-being of the land. In a quality community, those who don’t concern themselves with taking pride in their allotted space will soon see themselves moving on from that community.

5 Ways to help your mobile home community thrive

So with that said, who doesn’t want a mobile home community that thrives? Any wise landlord or mobile home park manager would do well to take the time to strategize for a thriving mobile home park community.

#1 – Orchestrate community events

We have five ideas to take your community from lifeless to thriving. The first idea is the concept of creating community-wide events to encourage networking among your park residents.

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By finding fun ways to break the ice among your residents, your park community will be stronger as it becomes more unified.

All of a sudden, your neighbors will get to know each other. And once they know each other, there will be more care for one another. They’re not nameless faces who live next door. They’re people with their own feelings, preferences, and uniquenesses.

#2 – Encourage a mobile home watch

Another way you can cultivate community is by encouraging community organizations to take root in your park. A neighborhood crime watch is one such group you can encourage with benefits for all. It will encourage communication among residents and it will help keep your park safe.

#3 – Take pride in aesthetics

Third, you can take big strides in encouraging a care for the park’s aesthetics. For example, those who care about aesthetics will be the first to call others out on litter and ensure it gets dealt with.

When you take pride in something, you care about it. So encourage cleanliness. And do your part by showing that you care about your park’s look too.

#4 – Streamline business

Fourth, streamline the way you manage your mobile home park. This will help your community thrive by making operations run smoothly and promptly.

For example, make it easy for your residents to pay rent. You can set up an app system for payments that will automatically draw rent from their bank accounts. This is a great option for your residents. Making sure that rent check is sent out will no longer be a burden on their mind if it’s automatically billed to their bank account.

#5 – Be responsible and set the tone. The rest will follow.

So when the rubber meets the road, the best thing you can do to help your community thrive is to be the example.

Want a cheerful, welcoming vibe in your park?

Be cheerful and welcoming towards your residents. Be kind to those who challenge you and those who do not.

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Does your tenant have an issue with their home or property? Be prompt to reply to their inquiries, even if it means telling them that an issue may not be the park’s problem. But let them know you’re sorry and do care. There’s power in a positive “no.”

Community builds happiness!

So we’ve discussed five ways to help your mobile home community thrive. We talked about the park manager’s vital role in the community. We have more on the importance of park managers here.

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