So what does a park manager do? If you’re looking to buy a mobile home park, it’s important to understand the role of a mobile home park manager. You also need to know why their role matters to the day to day life of your park.

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What does a park manager do?

The park manager is a key component of the park’s life. He or she is responsible for daily operations involved with keeping the park running smoothly.

Here’s what you need to know before we move forward. The park manager carries a big responsibility. And it’s not to be taken lightly.

A poor mobile home manager can make or break your mobile home park’s success and you’ll soon see why.

For the health of your mobile home park, it is paramount that you know the answer to the question: what does a park manager do? It will help you if you are hiring a park manager or if you are a park manager.

A park manager is a mediator between management and tenants

Without a sense of authority, your park will be subject to chaos. The park manager is the go-to person for any management-related concerns.

If park residents have an issue with utilities or their rented homes, management will get on it and solve the problem as soon as possible.

A good park manager is a problem solver. Your park manager should be able to listen to the concerns of your park tenants and bring order out of chaos. Park managers are active members of the mobile home park community.

Mobile home park managers collect payments

Another big part of a mobile home park manager’s job description is collecting rent payments. If someone is late on pay or refusing pay — then it’s up to the park manager to go out and collect that pay.

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Sometimes a manager will need to send out warnings to those who are late on rent and charge late rent fines. While it’s not an enjoyable part of the work, it’s something that needs to be done to keep the park running.

The other thing a mobile home park manager will do is ensure that any other extra park fees are collected. For example, if there’s a fee for owning pets in the park, the manager will keep account of collecting that too.

Peacemaker among residents

In addition to keeping tabs on the collection of rent and other fees, a park manager plays the part of a peacemaker.

If there’s a dispute between park residents, it’s up to the manager to help smooth things out. Residents will often call upon him/her to play a referee of sorts if they don’t want to confront their neighbors.

This puts a bit of pressure on the park manager, but with the right people skills, he or she can undertake a lot of damage control.

Park managers show vacant homes to prospective tenants

What else does a park manager do?

He or she is also responsible for showing off vacant homes and lots to prospective tenants. The park manager books appointments with visitors and hosts tours of the mobile home park.

Again, good people skills are a must. A good park manager will do most of the face-to-face interaction with both residents and potential residents.

Park managers oversee park maintenance and repairs

For the safety and livelihood of the park, a park manager is responsible for overseeing park maintenance and repairs. If utilities go down, the park manager will work with the utility company to get things going again.

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If a rented mobile home has issues, the park manager will oversee maintenance after seeing that the repair is legitimate.

The mobile home park manager will also follow up and ensure the maintenance or repair task is completed. Sometimes he or she will simply oversee another management employee’s work. Other times the park manager will do the maintenance on his or her own.

Park managers conduct evictions

While it’s not the most pleasant of tasks, it’s something that needs to be done. A park manager handles evictions. The eviction process entails proper procedures from start to finish so that the eviction is lawful. It’s the park manager’s responsibility to do the eviction appropriately.

Invest in a good park manager, for your sake

Finally, the job of a park manager matters. It matters because a park manager is a person that keeps the behind-the-scenes work of a park flowing in the right direction. Without some sort of leadership or an organizer, your mobile home park will fall by the wayside.

With that said, we hope we’ve adequately answered the question, “What does a park manager do?”

As you keep an eye out and continue the search for a good park manager, learn from some unsuccessful park manager stories here.

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