“What can I do to improve my community,” you ask?

There are many ways to improve your community. Whether you’re a manager or resident, you’ll find some inspiration here to fuel your desire to help your mobile home park.


Your community is important. Without it, there’d be no mobile home park! So it’s great that you want to find ways to help your community.

What can I do to improve my community?

In answer to the question, “What can I do to improve my community?” we have some ideas to propel you into action.

Start a neighborhood watch program

To start with, a neighborhood watch program is always a good idea. It will keep your community cared for and safe. Your neighbors will be in communication with one another and keep a sharp eye out for mischief.

You can help your park manager by making this program a reality for your community.

Sponsor a park road for landscaping

Here’s an idea for residents who own businesses. Ask your park manager if you can sponsor the landscaping for a road in the park. See if you can both come to an agreement on a non-tacky sign for the road that tells of your sponsorship.

You’ll also need to work out the details as far as what can be done to pretty up the road. If you’re allowed to plant flowers, trees, and shrubs, make sure they’re low maintenance.

Gardening metal water can

Touch up road paint

In answer to the question, “what can I do to improve my community,” you could always paint. If you’re a manager, identify where the paint has worn off on the road, especially on road bumps.

A road bump should deter speeding, but if people don’t see it as they’re driving it could catch them by surprise.

Freshen up those front doors

To slap some fresh paint on the front door is something every homeowner can do for their mobile home. And it’s incredible to see what a fresh coat of paint can do to freshen up any home.

So what’s holding you back? You can improve the look of your community by painting your front door.

Keep an eye on the litter

Nothing can drag down a mobile home park like trash littered on the road and sidewalks. You know the mobile home stigma is a thing of the past. Why go back to that?

Go for a walk around the park and pick up trash or organize a community-wide clean-up day. Don’t let the trash accumulate. It can quickly spiral out of control.

A community-wide clean-up day is a good way to teach your community to be more conscious of trash lying around.

Communicate with the community

In addition to the above, community improvement can come with communication. Keep everyone abreast of announcements and news by putting up a community bulletin board. Enlist members of the community to help design it. Don’t forget that you may need a permit from the town to place the board properly.

You may also wish to consider publishing a community-wide newsletter. Invite community members to contribute to the newsletter. It can be fun and informative for all involved. The newsletter can be sent via email or delivered to the community’s doorstep.

Encourage use of the community center

Board game with game pieces

In the event that your mobile home community has a meeting place for the community, encourage the use of the building. If you’re a manager, remind your residents that the community center can be reserved for meetings and parties. Provide them with ideas to take the helm on a community endeavor.

If you’re a resident, think about starting a book club with your fellow residents. Encourage your neighbors to get to know each other through something fun. Maybe start a chess club or a gardening club. You get the idea.

If you don’t know where to start, ask

You asked, “what can I do to improve my community?” We’ve answered. But maybe you think these ideas don’t apply well to your mobile home community.

The next best thing to do is to simply ask. If you’re a park manager, reach out to your residents. Hear them out. You’ll find their perspective is a little different than yours and you’ll learn something new in the process.

If you’re a resident, ask your park manager. He or she will appreciate that you care about the community’s well-being too!

Looking for more mobile home community ideas? Here are five ways to help yours thrive! Give your community the boost it needs to live a full life.

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