Upscale mobile home parks are in fashion among those who are looking for something fancier than the average mobile home park. It’s a step up, but what exactly are some of the most prominent features?

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There are many reasons why one may want to live in an upscale mobile home park. Maybe you can see it as a vacation home. Some people like to have a second home in a warmer climate to find refuge in during cold winter months. Others are looking for a year-round home with nicer amenities.

Follow along and we’ll discuss some of the features that put the “upscale” in upscale mobile home parks.

Features of upscale mobile home parks

Now let’s look at these features. Mind you, things may differ from park to park, but these “basic” points should be rather consistent across the upscale mobile home parks available to you.

Scenic views adorn the landscape outside your windows

One key feature of upscale mobile home parks is the stunning scenery. Whether it’s the mountains or the seascape, living in an upscale mobile home park should be beautiful.

Even if you live in the city, you won’t have a trashy or boring view. In some way, the location will be such that it’s beautiful. You’re getting what you pay for and for some places, the expense is in the location.

They can have a resort feel

In an upscale mobile home park, you’re going for something that is above the norm. It’s special and better than what is average. This means your upscale mobile home park may have a resort feel to it, except the tenants there are long-term or permanent.

The amenities are above par, not subpar

In upscale mobile home parks, you’re looking for fancy amenities like pools, tennis courts, sidewalk, and parks. Again, the entire set up speaks of expense.

An upscale mobile home park is not what you’re looking for if you simply want the basics and aren’t willing to spend above average cost.

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And upscale park requires upscale management

The management in upscale mobile home parks is different than the management in a regular mobile home park. Management is more structured and more accessible so the park can live up to its high end set up.  

Extra care in the landscaping

In an upscale mobile home park, you’re looking at a place that’s kept in tip-top shape. Management will take special care to ensure the park’s landscaping is kept trimmed and clean. In an upscale park, things can quickly look dingy with the slightest neglect. That’s why you’ll see these parks going above and beyond to take care of the landscaping.

Landscaping can make or break a place. The resort-style vibe will come through in your park’s layout and landscape work.

Paradise is home, home is paradise

An upscale mobile home park is paradise and home all wrapped into one place. You can find peace and quiet in such a place. Relaxation is the name of the game here. The entire aesthetic of the place encourages a taste of paradise right from your home.

Security is taken care of

In an upscale park, security is part of the park operations budget. Your park is interested in doing more than provide you with a place to live in a mobile home. The park wishes to ensure their tenants and tenant valuables are safe from mischief. This security may come in the form of a double gate with security code.

A secured entrance and/or security guard is likely what’s going to be at work in your park.

How to get on the list

There are a few things you’ll need to do to get on the list for an upscale mobile home park.

Visit the park

To begin with, you’ll need to visit the park and connect with management. Let them know you’re interested and want to learn more about the park.

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The interview process

During the process to get on the list, you’ll need to begin the interview process. The park will likely do a background check and want to talk to you. They’ll have you fill out an application and specify which lot or home you’re interested in.

Qualify for financing

You’ll also need to qualify for financing. Some parks will work with you on that in-house. They need to know that you can afford to make the payments on your upscale mobile home park setup.

Is it right for you?

Maybe the idea of upscale mobile home parks is not your thing. Maybe you’re not even sure if you want to live in a mobile home park. Before you abandon the idea, take a look at the benefits of living in a manufactured home community. They may change your mind.

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