If you’re a mobile home park manager, this post if for you. There are certain tools and equipment that should be standard issue at any mobile home park. At any given moment, a park tenant may call you with a problem that needs fixing.

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Even if the problem is beyond you, you may be able to temporarily patch up the problem until it can get resolved by a professional.

Additionally, you can cut down management expenses by taking on the simpler maintenance issues rather than calling a contractor to come and deal with the problem.

Must-have tools and equipment for your mobile home park

So you may find some of these things are already accessible to your maintenance team. If that’s the case, then you’re on the right track. Good for you. For those items that are missing from your toolbox, consider the benefits of having such items available to you.

Start with your basic, run-of-the-mill toolbox

Yes, that’s right – put together a basic toolbox. What’s standard in a basic toolbox? You’ll want a hammer, screwdriver, and tape measure. A carpenter’s pencil is also handy – maybe add a speed square and wrench.

A utility knife is always useful and so is a set of good pliers. Flashlights, safety glasses, and work gloves need to go in too. For more ideas on what should go in your toolbox, check out this link.

Pressure washer

Here’s an excellent piece of equipment to keep accessible. A pressure washer makes for an easy and quick exterior cleanup. Have a mobile home you’re preparing to advertise for rent? Your pressure washer will blast the grim off the exterior, making it more appealing to potential tenants. You can also maintain concrete sidewalks and driveways with your pressure washer.


A male worker using a chainsaw to cut a tree trunk

To be sure, a chainsaw is always handy in light of any trees you may have in your mobile home park. Should a storm come through, knocking down tree branches and the like, you’ll be glad to have your chainsaw ready to break down the tree.

Bolt cutters

If a tenant leaves and he or she decides to abandon belongings such as grills or chairs that have a padlock and chain, you’ll be using those bolt cutters. This is also helpful in the case of fences or sheds with locks that have lost keys. You’ll be glad you have those bolt cutters within reach.


Now, where does one begin with a shovel? Shovels can fulfill a variety of needs in a mobile home park. You can fill holes, dig up trenches to reach buried plumbing. Maybe a tenant left your park but had a dog and the dog left many holes in the yard. Solution? Your handy-dandy shovel.

We’re sure you’ll even find some unconventional uses for your shovel. While you’re at it, toss a pickax and rake into your management shed too. They will prove useful in many situations.


You need to get your hands on a ladder. What if you need to retrieve something from a roof? What if the gutters are clogged and require unclogging? A ladder will also help if you’re going to paint indoors. You’ll want that ladder so you can paint the edges where the wall meets the ceiling.

Changing light bulbs on empty units, rescuing the occasional cat, and cutting down tree branches also provide a need for a ladder.

Golf cart

In addition to the above list items, what about a golf cart? A golf cart will prove useful in getting you around the park – some models even come with an area in the back to place tools. Being able to zip around your park will help you get things done fast.

If you feel a golf cart is outside your budget, why not look for a used one? Keep your eyes peeled on the online classifieds.

A golf cart driver sitting in the golf cart

Apps for park management

Interestingly, tools aren’t limited to what you can physically touch. Apps make for practical tools to keep your park management system accessible and streamlined.

With your mobile home park management apps, you can monitor the progress of any maintenance issues. Tenants may easily submit tickets for any repairs they need – they can even pay rent within the app.

Get prepared with the basics!

In closing, if you’re going to do things right then you need the right tools within reach. This will make for more efficient response time when dealing with tenant problems.

We mentioned apps as an important tool to streamline mobile home park management. If you’re interested in hearing more about mobile home park management apps, we wrote about that here.

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