Who’s enjoying the beauty of the spring season around us? It’s time to welcome it in with arms wide open. Let’s bring spring inside with some simple, do it yourself crafts that will get you excited about spring.

Yes, spring is in the air with its colorful sights and wonderful aromas. It’s the season of newness after a long and dreary winter for many. The number of cold days has subsided. Gardens are being tended to and birds are bursting with song. 

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As you read on, you’ll find a collection of great crafts that are perfect for the spring season. We carefully curated this collection for your benefit.

Bring in the spring!

So let’s look at several different do it yourself crafts. They’ll get you excited and eager for the wonders and beauty of springtime. You’ll find this list ranges from intricate to simple. There’s something for everyone in this list of DIY crafts. Got little kids? We’ve got you covered. Are you dealing with teens? We have crafts for them, too.

In a time where you have extra spare moments to spend with your loved ones, this collection of DIY crafts will be helpful. Spend time exercising your creativity and watch quality interactions and special moments unfold.

Garden art with succulents

Over at Craft Invaders, you’ll find a fun craft idea to beautify your garden. Create your own artistic, succulent planter using Houseleeks and Hen and Chicks succulents. This blogger loves them because they’re easy to maintain and come in various colors.

The base of the craft is a shallow, terracotta pot that will hold your succulent garden art. A second, smaller terracotta pot or a ceramic jug will lay on its side, half of it embedded into the rocks or other organic planting material that fills first terracotta pot. Then outdoor succulent plants will be arranged so that they look like they’re coming out of the small pot or jug. Check out the link for more details on how to arrange your succulent garden art.

Tassel throw blanket

For those rainy spring showers, you’ll want to consider having a craft to keep your hands busy. But while this is a great, rainy-day craft, rain is certainly not required. In fact, sitting on your porch rocking chair while making a tassel throw blanket could be just as therapeutic as working cozily indoors. 

You’ll need scissors, a ruler, cardboard, four skeins of yarn in a happy, cozy color, and a knit blanket. Get a head start on your dreamy, cool-weather throw blanket while keeping your hands busy this spring. It will be perfect later in the year when the weather chills again.

Cork fairy house

If you have little helping hands, this cork fairy house is perfect for a springtime project. For the cork fairy house, you’ll need corks, cardboard, cardstock, a circle plate, hot glue, scissors, pencil, and a crafting knife. Visit the site to find thorough instructions for this one-of-a-kind fairy home.

Be creative with these tutorials. You don’t have to follow the instructions word-for-word. For example, consider weather-proofing your fairy house so you can put it in your garden.

Paper flowers from cupcake liners

Now’s a good time to dig out the growing collection of cupcake liners in your cabinet drawer. (Or buy more with cute designs). These paper peonies made out of cupcake liners make for a beautiful table centerpiece or side table decor.

You’ll need green tissue paper and floral wire along with 1-inch foam balls to bring this project together.

Painted birdhouse

These hand-painted birdhouses can be a fun craft for the whole family. For this project, pick up some wooden birdhouses, craft paint, and paintbrushes. Even a four-year-old can join in the fun. Acquire a birdhouse for each family member and have a fun time painting outside. Bring along some lemonade and make the craft a fun, family event. 

Encourage your kids to be creative with different patterns, themes, or even words on their birdhouses. The sky’s the limit when constructing these cute, little dwellings. 

Spring into fun DIY crafts

There you have it — a collection of various do it yourself crafts that will get you excited about spring. Order what you need online and, in a few days, you can dive into these projects. Think of the possibilities. You can make something beautiful or useful that highlights spring and its wonders. 

Are you excited? We are. And we hope you and your family have a blast with some of the projects we’ve showcased.

One more spring project in the works

For a project that’s a little more intense than a craft, consider getting your mobile home exterior ready for spring. With spring in full bloom, updating your mobile home is a great idea. It’s not too hot or too cold to tackle this job.

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