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What to Expect


Single-wide homes take 2 days


Double-wide homes take 3-4 days


Crew consists of 2-4 workers, an excavator, and roll-off dumpsters and/or dumpster trailers

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What affects pricing?

While the EZ Homes process is efficient and cost-effective, we have to consider several things while building your quote:

  • The estimated volume of debris
  • Proximity to landfills / dumping locations
  • Regional dump fees
  • Estimated scrap value of metals that can be salvaged from the home
  • Status of utilities to the home (all utilities must be turned off before work can begin)
  • Any interior debris / home contents

Reasons to consider demolition over removal:

Most mobile homes are not road-worthy

Numerous permits must be obtained, which adds complexity and time to each project

Transportation of homes can only be completed during regular business hours, which effects the flexibility of project management

Demolition of a home can be completed in the same time it takes to prep a home for transport

Demolition of homes is a green, earth-friendly option due to the amount of materials that are able to be recycled

It is dangerous to transport homes via public roads

Axles, hitches, and tires attached to old mobile homes are often unusable

Transporting homes to landfills / dump sites will eliminate the opportunity for recycling metals and other contents, which increases cost and decreases profit

Our competitive pricing is facilitated with the anticipation of extracting some scrap value from the homes

Very few landfills / dump sites will accommodate the dumping of a whole mobile home

Demolition Service Area - EZ Homes

Service area

We service most of lower Michigan! If you have a demo project outside of our service area, we may still be able to accommodate you.

Demolition Service Area - EZ Homes

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