As people age into their senior years and retirement there’s a lot to consider when it comes to your housing solutions. What can you afford? What space is needed if there’s just one or two of you in the home? As you get older and your lifestyle changes, how well are you going to be able to maintain your property? One of the more beneficial options that can answer these questions for seniors is to live in a mobile home.

Living in a mobile home can provide many benefits to seniors, but on top of all of that, there are “Senior Only” mobile home parks. Here we’ll guide you through the benefits and what you need to know when it comes to Senior Only Mobile Home Parks.

What To Know

So what exactly is a Senior Only Mobile Home Park? Well, most average mobile home parks may be designed for families or really for anyone to buy or rent a mobile home in. Though in a seniors-only mobile home park there is an age restriction for residents that can buy or rent a home within the park. Usually, in these kinds of parks, the age restriction is 55+. This of course means that anyone younger than this age would not be permitted to live within the park.

This restriction exists as a benefit to many seniors who may enjoy a more comfortable and peaceful lifestyle by not having to share a park with younger families. Many times the senior-only parks will have noise or other usage restrictions within the park. So these parks are not just for seniors to live in but they often-times will be specifically designed for a senior community to enjoy, with many benefits.

Senior Benefits

Aside from financial considerations, there are a number of benefits to living in a senior-only mobile home park. These parks are a prime opportunity for seniors to enjoy special amenities as well as the community.

It is common for the mobile homes in these parks to come equipped especially designed for seniors, with features like handicapped accessible bathrooms or kitchens. Also depending on the park and varied pricing, some parks offer services like landscaping or maintenance. 

Within any normal mobile home park, there may be public amenities like parks, public meeting or banquet spaces, athletic facilities, and so on. In those parks, the seniors have to share and compete for those facilities with busy families. So one of the benefits of a senior-only park is of course only sharing public facilities with other seniors.

The other great benefit for seniors is that they get to live in a community of fellow seniors or retirees. So often as people age and retire they become isolated and lack the opportunity for the community. In these parks, seniors would have the opportunity to become acquainted with others who are in the same season of life. Not only that but there may be various clubs, organizations, or activities to be involved in.

Financial Benefits

When people retire they will usually be forced to live on a fixed income for the rest of their life. This means that they need to wisely consider all of their financial choices. Living in a senior-only park, and in a mobile home in general, often provides financial flexibility that is beneficial to seniors and retirees.

Within these mobile home parks, as with others, you will find the opportunity to either buy or to rent your home. One thing to watch for is that oftentimes when owning a mobile home the resident does not own the land. If this is the case it would be an added cost to consider. But with mobile homes, there is the opportunity to have your own home and property at a lower total cost.

For seniors that choose to downsize, selling a traditional home to move into a mobile home park can leave them with enough cash leftover to be in a comfortable position financially.

Where to Look

The final benefit of senior-only mobile home parks is that you can find them in most cities around the nation. Whether seniors choose to stay near their current location, move closer to family, or retire to a warmer state, they’ll be able to find a senior-only park somewhere. There are many resources online to find the right park for you.

Whatever your situation maybe there are plenty of mobile home solutions to find the right park for you.

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