If you’re selling a mobile home to be moved, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about potential troubles that could arise when selling to inexperienced buyers.

This rings true especially if you do not have the time to help them navigate the various ins and outs of moving a used mobile home. 

Buying or selling a mobile home without land is not unusual. As the seller, you may find yourself repurposing your property or replacing the mobile home with a newer model or even a site-built home. 

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Regardless of your reasons for selling a mobile to be moved, we’re here to lend a helping hand by increasing your knowledge base.

Let’s see why we ought to beware of inexperienced buyers.

Selling a mobile home to be moved

To be clear, we do believe in your freedom to do business with whomever you please. With that in mind, you should have reasonable expectations in the selling process. And we hope what you’re about to read will help calibrate your expectations for working with an inexperienced buyer. 

Moving a mobile home is no walk in the park, and we’ll explain why. And selling a mobile home to be moved to an inexperienced buyer can add extra complication to the process.

If you’re in a hurry to sell, sell to an investor

In the event that you’re in a hurry to sell, we would dissuade you from selling to an inexperienced mobile home buyer. 

We would rather you pursue a sale to an experienced mobile home investor. These investors are not only experienced, but they’re interested in seeing to it that the process is as quick and smooth as possible. 

After all, they want to flip your mobile home and gain some income out of it. And that can be a winning situation for you as they’ll have their own contacts and experience. This is helpful in selling a mobile home to be moved.

Inexperienced buyers may find themselves infringing upon your time as they try to navigate the process. It’s a thought worth keeping in mind. 

If you’re in a hurry, an inexperienced buyer is not the recommended way to go. 

Moving a mobile home entails contacts

To move a mobile home, you’ll need contacts. An inexperienced buyer will not have those contacts lined up. And by contacts, we’re referring to the moving company, insurance company, company that handles hooking up the utilities, etc. An investor will know exactly who to call. They’ll know exactly what permit fees and applications are required to get the job done. (Of course, you could arrange to cover those permit fees yourself, but that’s up to you.)

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The process of moving is not for the faint of heart

Moving a mobile home comes with a process. If it’s a doublewide, the home will have to be taken apart at the site and then put together again at its destination. It’s just too big to travel in one piece. 

The buyer will need more than a pickup truck

An experienced buyer will understand this and see to it that their relocation of the mobile home is seamless. They understand it’s not as simple as backing up a pickup truck and hauling the home away. Professional movers are a must. 

Knowledge will lighten your load

Additionally, buyers with experience won’t be bugging you with questions about prepping the new site or preparing the home for relocating. 

In a sense, having experienced buyers creates a dream situation so you can focus on doing whatever it is you wish to do with your property. Go ahead, follow your dreams with peace of mind!

They’re in a hurry, too

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It’s not as likely that an experienced investor will sit on the mobile home and drag their feet to move it. They’ll spring into action so they can see to it that their investment is well-rewarded. For you and for them, getting that mobile home moved away is a worthy and rewarding endeavor. An inexperienced investor may require some extra time or procrastinate.

And who wants procrastination in seeing that a mobile home is moved off their property?

Sell to an investor, take control of your time

As we said above, selling a mobile home to be moved to an inexperienced buyer can bring about its own set of challenges. Take control of your time and see to it that your buyer is an investor. It will be a winning situation for both parties, especially to you as you’ll be free to move on to your next project with little delay!

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