Selling a double wide mobile home comes with its own challenges, including that of finding a buyer. 

A double wide is one of two general categories for mobile homes — the other being termed single wide. While a single wide is a mobile home that can be moved as one unit, a double wide is much bigger. Its sheer size demands that it be manufactured and moved as two parts and then united when it arrives at its foundation — whether that be on private land or in a mobile home park. 

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You’ll find that a single wide is 8 feet or fewer wide while a double wide is 20 feet or more wide.

If you’re looking to flip a double wide, we’ll help you connect with your ideal audience. There is no need to feel daunted with a helping and experienced hand to guide you. You want to sell and, of course, the hope of most sellers is to sell quickly. But to do that you must know how to make potential buyers aware of your double wide mobile home.

But where do you begin? Well first, we can say that you came to the right place. We’ll clear out the foggy path to a sale by showing you how to make contact with your buyer.

Selling a double wide mobile home

So where do you begin when it comes to selling a mobile home? We will provide a brief overview of some of the steps you need to take before we delve into the main focus of this article.

First of all, if you’re not in a pinch to sell in the next month, we suggest taking the time to fix any issues that would enhance your mobile home’s appeal. Pressure wash the exterior and add a fresh coat of paint to the interior walls, for example. But if you just want to get it off your hands in a hurry, there are folks out there who are on the hunt for a bargain fixer-upper.

Second of all, if your mobile home is in a mobile home park, read up on the policies surrounding your mobile home’s stay there. Some parks will require notice. 

Additionally, be aware that some states will tax you for selling your mobile home.

This is not an exhaustive rundown of what you should be aware of in selling a double wide mobile home, but rather a few thoughts to consider.

Challenges to finding a buyer

In selling a double wide mobile home, a challenge you may run into is that of finding a buyer. 

So how do you connect with your ideal buyer? There are a couple of ways to do this. And we’ll give you a rundown of each option.

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Sell through an agent

The upside to using an agent is that they’ll do all the work for you. They’ll take care that your paperwork is in order and that appraisal and moving services are lined up for the sale. The downside? There’s a cost involved and a commission fee. That’s less money from the sale going into your pocket. But that’s not a bad thing if you’re shy about taking charge of finding a buyer.

Find a mobile home reselling agency

Additionally, there is the option of a mobile home reselling agency. Such an agency is in the business of acquiring and flipping mobile homes. They’ll buy them with the intention of fixing them up for a profit. A reselling agency will be ready with the professionals needed to make the sale happen. They help you achieve smooth sailing.

For sale by owner

And let’s not forget the for sale by owner option. This is where you do all the work yourself. It’s up to you to ensure that potential buyers notice your mobile home. Advertise it in the newspaper, online marketplace, and by means of signage. 

Be prepared with what you need to make the sale a success. Do you have wording in your contract specifying who will pay for an appraisal? What about who pays for disconnecting utilities and professionally taking the mobile home apart and moving it?

Sell to your mobile home park

There is a challenge in splitting a double wide mobile home into two sections for relocating. It could be a big win to sell your mobile home to your mobile home park. No one has to worry about the moving process and the added complexity of taking the home apart for hauling to its new home. 

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Connect with your ideal buyer

For mobile home buyers, big selling points are found in the affordability and durability that’s wrapped into a home. Selling a double wide mobile home comes with its own challenges. But overcoming them means nothing if you’re not finding the right buyer.

To learn more about the mobile home buying and selling process, think about it from the other side – how does it look from a buyer’s perspective? See what we have to say about buying a mobile home without land.

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