Undecided about whether it’s time to sell or move your mobile home? Mind if we weigh in? At the end of the day, only you know what all the pros and cons are before you. But we can help you think and ask the hard questions. You know, those questions that will help you formulate a plan of action or inaction.

Because reality says that it could be that you need to stay put rather than sell or move, you do need to explore all the options.

Do you sell? Move? Or stay in place?

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We’ll help you ask the right questions so you can answer those questions.

How to decide if it’s time to sell or move your mobile home

If you can get up and go, then, by all means, do what you want. But for most of us, it’s not a simple task to sell or move willy nilly. There is a lot of work and expense involved in such a feat.

So let’s weigh our options and see what the real scoop is in your situation. You may not need to move or sell.

What’s the mobile home’s condition?

Now let’s talk about your mobile home’s condition. Is it more money to fix up for relocating than it is to just get rid of it or sell?

Look at the plumbing, the electrical, the exterior and interior. Start calculating how much it would take to invest in improving your home for reselling or moving. And if you don’t plan on selling or moving, is it still worth fixing up? What if you were to sell it in five years?

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Does it seem like you’ll get a return on your investment? Or does it seem like money down the drain?

What is the mobile home’s resale value?

As you try to come to a decision, ask yourself what the mobile home’s resale value might be. Look online at what other mobile homes in similar condition are going for and reach out to a real estate agent for help. Be upfront and tell him or her that you’re trying to figure out if your home has any resale value.

What is the cost of moving your mobile home?

So you have a new parcel of land you want to buy or rent and you’re thinking about moving your home. Is it really worth it?

You have to find out what the cost of moving your mobile home entails. In between permits and other requirements, when it’s all said and done, it could cost you as much as $13,000 to move a double wide. And that depends on the distance it will travel.

For a single-wide, it could cost much less. The best action step you can take at this point is to make some phone calls. Ask around for quotes as each locality will have different rates. This will help you come to a more informed decision.

You may find that the cost of moving your home squashes the idea. Or you may find that it’s well within a reasonable means to make it worth the expense and hassle.

Do you want to sell or move your home? Why?

If you want to sell your home or relocate and take it with you, that’s OK. But why? Why do you want to move your home? Or why do you want to sell it?

Some of you may wish to move it for the purpose of getting it off your property. That’s OK. Keep in mind, as shared above, it will cost you. Perhaps you should consider renting it out to a single or family.

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But why do you want to sell? Is it something about the property? If it’s something that can be fixed, get quotes on what that will take. See how it compares to relocating.

Moving to a new place adds up and it takes a bit of time. We’re not saying it’s a bad idea, we’re just encouraging you to count the cost and ensure that it’s truly what you want.

Is this good timing?

Is a move to a new location good timing at this season in your life? It may be a better idea to postpone a move or sale until you can get more savings under your belt.

Look at your finances and personal goals. Would a move at this point help you? It doesn’t mean a move is out of the question if the answer is no. It simply means that you’ll need to put it off for another day.

Making the best decision doesn’t have to be complicated

We came back to your question with more questions. And we hope those questions encouraged some deep thought on whether or not you should sell or move your mobile home.

We wish you the best, whatever you decide to do!

Have you thought about scrapping your mobile home? If your home is so battered up and not worth fixing, this may be a good alternative for you.

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