With this article, we’ll begin a special mini-series on how mobile homes benefit people in various stages of life. For today’s post, we’re going to examine how mobile homes offer a sense of financial security to retirees. It’s something we love to brag about.

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In looking to the future, it’s important for retirees to be in a good place of financial comfort and peace of mind. You’ve spent a long time at work, putting in long hours and days at the daily grind. You don’t need to find yourself with your back against the wall, anxiety at full force over how you’ll live the next forty or so years. This is your time to rest and pursue whatever it is that you are called to do, now that you have time to funnel in the things you’re passionate about. 

How a mobile home offers you financial security at retirement

Now say hello to the mobile home. A mobile home is just the ticket for the retiree who’s looking for financial security.

Wondering why would we say that? Don’t worry. We’ll make our case in favor of this statement. We think you’ll find what we have to share fascinating. It’s not rocket science once you see the facts.

Mobile homes are affordable — there’s no doubt about it

A mobile home is more than an affordable roof over someone’s head. It’s a home — a safe haven from the cares and toils of the world.

Even Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, sees the benefit to mobile homes. He said quality mobile homes cost 30 to 40 percent less than site-built homes. To him, this is a big win in addressing the housing crisis that many Americans are facing. He sees a positive, life-saving option in mobile home housing.

A flexible fit for any living situation

Do you already own land property? Are you looking to rent a lot in a mobile home park?

Whatever the case may be, a mobile home can deliver. If you’re strapped for cash on owning property to place your unique mobile home, it’s OK. You may rent a mobile home lot to place your home atop of. 

If you’ve already invested in dream mountain property but lack a home to live in, a mobile home will provide you with comfortable living quarters without sacrificing quality. 

Mobile home parks for retirees

For the retiree, there’s a world of opportunity when it comes to mobile home parks. There are parks established with retirees in mind — by the beach, in the mountains, in rural or heavily populated areas. Whatever setting you’re looking for, there’s often a park with you in mind. 

These parks stand out because they keep the retiree in mind. In these parks, you’ll find that you must meet certain age requirements, for instance. A family of five, for example, will not be found living in such parks. Additionally, park events will be geared toward your age demographic. This will cultivate a sense of camaraderie among park residents as they bond over similar interests. It can make for a fun night out if leaving the park is a challenge.

Mobile homes can be customized

Whether it’s due to physical limitations or simply a desire for convenience, mobile homes are a great option to the retiree. You can make a custom floorplan order. Nowadays, most mobile home manufacturers will permit you to work with an engineer to come up with your own floorplan.

Home interior

This puts customization power into your hands. Need wide doorways and entranceways? You can make sure that’s king. Need a spacious bathroom with wheelchair accessible features? That’s your prerogative.

And guess what? Because it’s a mobile home and not a site built home, a custom mobile home is still a deal! You can’t get such savings from a site built home. 

This contributes to more financial security.

There’s more to it than financial security

While a mobile home offers you financial security at retirement, that’s not their only benefit. It would be foolish to invest in a home due to the mere pricing factor. The mobile home provides retirees with a comfortable home without sacrificing quality. 

Nowadays, a mobile home looks much like a site built home. They’re sturdy. They can be built to cater to various weather zones in the United State. And they’re built with energy efficiency in mind. 

For more on the mobile home’s place as an affordable housing solution, check out our article on mobile homes in the spotlight.

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