Mobile home remodels are times for plenty of good ol’ hard work and elbow grease. But, putting in the hours and digging into the tasks isn’t the only way to carry the project to completion. There’s also a quieter, calmer side to success for your makeover. You can call it the dreaming and scheming phase. 

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Dreaming & scheming

You may already have an enormous stock of ideas for your remodeling project—what you want to do and what you want it to look like. Plus, there’s another vitally important element in addition to your list of tasks—money. 

Maybe you already have a ballpark budget set or at least a rough idea of what you can afford to spend. But have you taken time to plan how you’re going to put wings to those dreams? Concretely, what are you going to do to “break ground” on your remodel without simultaneously breaking the bank? 

Scheme for success

Simple, you’re going to scheme—or rather, to plan. Begin to lay out now what materials you might need and how you’re going to get them while keeping your wallet intact. But don’t just scratch “save money” on your remodeling to-do list. Instead, take a look at these money-saving tips and ideas to help you on your way. 

Be flexible

Our first tip is a mindset one. Go into your remodel without a clear, set-in-stone idea of what your end result will look like. Instead, embrace the mentality that you’re open to discovering as you go exactly what things will look like. Not only does this add an element of surprise, but it frees you up to snag deals as you find them. 

For instance, let’s say at your local Habitat for Humanity store, you find a fantastic front door for less than half its list price. If you have a positive conception of what your “perfect” door should be, then you’ll have to pass this one up if it doesn’t fit the bill. On the other hand, if you’ve left your design options open, you’re free to snatch it up and rejoice in your bargain. 

Antique grey doors

Keep your remodel in mind at all times

Well, this is a little figurative here. Naturally, life is important, so you don’t need your remodeling swallowing up important daily tasks or taking up quite all your mental space. But what we do mean is be mindful that you’re working on a penny-pinching remodel, even at those times when it doesn’t seem relevant. 

Need an example? Well, call it far-fetched if you will, but imagine that a hurricane struck your area, leaving your home with major roof repairs necessary. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage, so there’s no worry from that quarter. 

Here’s where you should keep in mind that you’re remodeling. Bad situations can have a silver lining. And in this case, if your insurance is offering you a repair, yet you already had it on your pre-storm agenda to replace the roof, you might be able to find a silver lining to your cloud. 

Namely, check if your insurance company is willing to simply reimburse you up to the value they would have covered in repairs. Then, you may be able to chip in money of your own and get a new roof.

Don’t buy. Collect.

Why buy when you can pick up for free? Before you spend money on items you require for your remodel, see if you can manage to acquire it for the grand sum of zero dollars. Check your local online classifieds website for items that are listed as free. 

And take a look at neighborhood social networking site, Nextdoor, to see if anyone’s put out recent “Curb Alerts” about items they’re throwing away. Plus, you can even drive through neighborhoods in your area to see if you can score a deal in furniture or housewares that others have placed at the curb. Finally, don’t forget to check out

When you do buy, buy cheaper

We say, choose cheap over perfect. If you can’t find what you need for free, then find it for a reduced price. See an item in the store that’s scratched or dented but would be otherwise perfect for your remodel? Ask for a discount because it’s damaged. 

Also, be proactive about routinely shopping in the clearance sections of the stores where you shop for your remodel. Do it consistently through the course of your whole remodeling project. 

Additionally, when it comes time to paint around the house, check if your local paint store or home improvement store sells mistint paint. Sometimes, you can find this paint at a discount if it was mixed but the color didn’t come out as expected. Maybe this sounds heartless, but someone else’s disappointment can be your jackpot. 

Assorted paints

Don’t make foolish (and expensive) decisions

Know what’s outside your “paygrade”—like doing your own electricity. It seems great and cheap until you discover that it won’t pass and could put your life at risk. If you have to turn around and hire someone to do it, now you’ve spent your own time and you’ll need to spend money on a professional. 

You can almost see your gorgeously remodeled mobile home on the horizon! Even better, we hope that good planning will help you see a road you can take to actually get there—without getting tripped up on the way due to lack of funds. Tap into some of our other resources to help you keep planning. 

Plan for a pleasant outcome

Whether you’re remodeling an old mobile home or remodeling a mobile home one someone else’s land, we want to help. If you plan to sell the mobile home, once your remodeling is complete, take a look at The Complete Guide To Remodeling Your Mobile Home For Resale. And if you’re going to be living in that place while you undertake your renovations, check out What You Need To Know About Living In A Mobile Home During Remodel

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