Ew. What have I gotten into?

What seemed like a good idea at the time may cause you to think twice. That old dilapidated mobile home boasted a bargain price tag (even once you factored in all the repair work needed). However, the challenge of fixing it up seems a bit insurmountable.

As a matter of fact, some buyers may begin to rethink — why was a dirty, dank, and disgusting mobile home such a good idea?

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Don’t worry. The challenge is there, but we’ll be around to walk you through it. Today we’re showing you how to turn a dilapidated mobile home into a palace. Your mobile home’s journey will be another success story for the books. Be prepared to wow your friends and yourself!

From dilapidated mobile home to palace

So we’re going to walk you through some keys to turning a dilapidated mobile home into a palace worthy of its inhabitants. Who’s ready to turn the ugly into something beautiful?

Let’s start with the outside. Say goodby to dirty, dank, and disgusting. Say hello to clean, fresh, and beautiful.

Tackle the roof, siding, and window shutters

Roof replacement is contingent on the state of the roof. If it looks like it needs replacement, consider a metal roof as a low budget option. Otherwise, let’s move on to the siding. 

Survey the siding. Does it only need to be pressure washed? How about a fresh coat of paint (if your exterior is metal)? Those two steps alone may solve the problem. If the siding is in bad shape beyond pressure washing or painting, consider replacing it with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding will give it a more modern look. 

And how about those window shutters, if any? How are they looking? Do they need a replacement or a fresh coat of paint?

Take on the skirting

Now turn your attention to adding or replacing the skirting if needed. The addition of skirting to your mobile home will bring the quality up a notch. It’s a good way to hide the underside of your mobile home from public view. Doing so will make your mobile home look slightly more like a stick-built home. 

Hit the refresh button with a coat of paint

Paint color palettes

It’s time to take the work inside. After you scan the inside, it may be that a fresh coat of paint is in order. Use primer that will kill off any musty smells and mildew. After the primer dries, it’s time to slap some paint on your walls and ceilings.

There you go. Now you can see the dirty and dank changing into something you could see yourself living in. 

Replace the flooring

If your mobile home can accurately be described as dilapidated, dirty, dank, and disgusting, chances are that the flooring needs to go. Tear up that flooring and say goodbye to it along with its odors.

Should you identify any water damage under your flooring, this is the time to repair it.

We suggest looking into sturdy laminate flooring solutions. It will make your home look new and fresh.

Caulk any air gaps

To keep the cool air out in the winter and the heat out during the summer, check out your windows, door frame, and plumbing. Caulk any areas that need caulking to help cut out the air leaks.

Give cabinets the facelift they deserve

Blue kitchen cabinets

In the event that your cabinets and counters have seen better days, give those cabinets a fresh coat of paint. If replacing them is a must, consider paying a visit to your local ReStore. This is a good place to shop for both bathroom and kitchen cabinets. You never know what you’ll find secondhand. 

Update plumbing and electrical fixtures

Nothing updates a home like bronze or even new stainless steel fixtures. Give your mobile home a palace vibe with the proper light and plumbing fixtures. It’s the little things that dress up a place. 

A palace in the making

Voilà! You’ve turned a dilapidated mobile home into a palace.

You bought yourself a bargain of a home. And with some elbow grease and patience, you got the changes made for your home’s betterment.

You’ll feel great once you survey the evidence of your hard work and frugality. 

Keeping it regal

Now how about maintaining the regal look of your mobile home? Check out this 15-minute cleaning routine. It will help you keep your home in tip-top shape. And what’s not to love about that! Thanks to this routine, gone are the days of stress cleaning because you’re minutes away from receiving unexpected company.

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