With the advent of a new year, many of us are looking to amp up our reading habits. Some of us are making an effort to get back into reading while others are striving to increase reading. Wherever you’re at, provided you have a reading list you want to complete, you’re off to a good start. All good plans begin with a desire for change. But you can’t stop at desire.

How can you ensure that you stick with your 2020 reading list? There are some tips and tricks that will help secure your success. And we’re all about success here. 

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Make your mobile home life more enriching with resolutions that succeed. 

Tips and tricks that will help you stick with your 2020 reading list

In today’s article, we’ll lay out the tips and tricks that will help you stick with your 2020 reading list. Sometimes you have to take the plunge and implement tools for success as you go. We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful in the days ahead. 

Give yourself a cozy reading nook

To set yourself up for success, create a cozy reading nook in your mobile home. This could be a corner of your bedroom or an area in your living room. Give yourself a cozy bookshelf or a basket by the couch that’s filled with all your reading comforts. This reading area would include comforts such as an extra pair of reading glasses, a place to set your tea or coffee. Include some pens and highlighters, a journal, and even a dictionary.

Additionally, don’t forget to keep a stack of books handy — or your e-reader. And why not keep some individually packaged snacks around and a blanket? You might as well make it comfortable. 

The coziness of your reading nook is in your hands. Make of it what you wish. 

Stock up on your books and keep them visible

Assorted books on display

So if you want to succeed, keep a stack of your books handy and visible. What you don’t want to do is breeze through a book and find yourself waiting on a new book to come in the mail. Otherwise, you could easily lose steam. 

It’s important that you keep your books ready and available.

We’d encourage you to order at least three books at a time and see how that goes in keeping your reading list in stock. Maybe you’ll read through three in a week. That’s fine. Maybe you’ll want two weeks’ worth of books in your reading nook.

And don’t forget to keep your books visible. You know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” Keep them in mind by keeping them in sight. 

Grab an accountability partner

Community is important in many human endeavors. Sticking with your reading list is no exception. 

Invite a close friend to join you in a reading accountability program. Chat with your friend and see what a reasonable goal would be that you both agree on. (For example, maybe you commit to reading 20 pages a day, five days a week.) 

To keep everyone moving along, instate a penalty rule. Maybe the person who falls off the bandwagon one week owes the other a drink at the local coffee shop. Think of ways to up the stakes if the “penalty” isn’t inspiring you both to keep up with the reading program.

Get rid of your distractions

That’s right. Go cold turkey if you have to. Look at the unnecessary distractions in your life that hog up your time. Could it be Netflix? Social media? 

Cancel that Netflix subscription. Deactivate that social media account. Do what it takes to set better reading habits. Maybe you can’t go cold turkey on these things, but there are other ways to keep you in check. You don’t want to slack on tackling your reading list. 

Man reading a book on bed

Think about it. Five years from now, will you regret not watching that cat video? Or binge-watching The Office for the twentieth time? The ball is in your court. It’s on you to reach for the stars.

You don’t have to get rid of these distractions forever. Once your habits are strong, the occasional jaunt through social media or Netflix won’t be a problem.

Be tenacious

So what is it that’s standing between yourself and your reading goals? With these tips and tricks in mind, you’re reading to steamroll through 2020. What are you waiting for? Give it your best shot.

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