Choosing mobile home decor that has that “designer feel” isn’t easy. In fact, you may not even think it could possibly be fun. “Designers have really expensive tastes,” you might be telling yourself. “They live by an entirely different set of rules!” 

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And the truth is, sometimes they do. But the secret to their success isn’t in custom pieces and wallpaper. It may seem like that on TV, but do you know what? They understand the fundamental rules of design and color. It’s not just about incorporating a statement couch or picking out dazzling wallpaper. Without the correct color scheme, a “perfect” custom couch will look out of place! Even showstopping wallpaper could be a flop if it’s surrounded by so much clutter that it isn’t allowed to shine.

So today, let’s bust some myths. You can choose mobile home decor that a professional designer would love. All you need is a place to start.

1 – Learn what’s trending

Chances are, you have some strong likes and dislikes when it comes to interior design. But if you’re unsure which styles you like, look through some magazines or browse Pinterest. Then comes the fun part. Ask yourself what is trending right now. You may have picked up on what designs are “in” from your trips to Hobby Lobby or Target. If you don’t pay attention to those kinds of things, here is an article that will help.

Right now, in 2020, the hottest design style is mid-century modern, followed closely by industrial and urban. Let’s say you love bohemian design. Bohemian had it’s hay-day a while back now (even though it is still wildly popular). But since mid-century modern is what everyone wants currently, bohemian pieces will be harder to find at your local stores or on big shopping sites. 

Since it’s so easy to find, you may end up mixing a little mid-century modern decor in with your eclectic bohemian decor. That’s a good thing. It will not only help you to be on-trend, like any good designer,  but it will also help you stay true to yourself and your style.

2 – Choose the right colors

You’ve heard of the rule of three, right? Interior decorators use the rule of three for grouping accessories. But that’s not the only time they use it! When choosing dominant colors in your home, pick three. If you have more than that, it will overwhelm. If you use less, it will be boring. 

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Designers also have another rule when it comes to the three main colors. Here it is: your dominant room color should take up 60% percent of the space, your secondary color, 30%, and your accent color, 10%. Another rule of thumb is to apply shades of color vertically. For instance, use dark wood tones and rich rugs and medium shades for walls and curtains. Save the lightest shades for ceilings, furniture, and fixtures.

Do you already own a piece of furniture, artwork, or statement decor that is your vibe? Good! Play off of the color scheme of that piece. If it’s artwork, draw out a specific color by adding that color into other areas of the room. Keep things from becoming monochromatic by using darker and lighter shades of the same color.


3 – Look for deals

Most designers are hired by people who can afford expensive decor. These homeowners expect to pay a lot of money. But even designers look for deals. If they come in under budget, they make even bigger impressions on their clients and prove their competence as designers. 

So don’t be afraid to DIY or look for a bargain. After all, only you know how much you paid for that do-it-yourself board and batten wall. Anyone who sees it will assume you hired a professional. Instead of feeling guilty about “being cheap,” understand that saving money is usually the best option. Scour flea markets and overstock websites. Don’t be averse to buying something on Amazon. Mix used pieces with new ones.

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The best part of looking for deals is the way it forces you to think outside the box. Chances are, you’ll find one piece here and one piece there and never buy from the same place twice. The chances of finding unique decor are twice as high. Avoid purchasing sets of coordinating pieces. Look for the deals – and in the process, you’ll be creating a space that is truly your own.

A home to be proud of

If a designer walked into your home, would they approve of what they see? If you follow the guidelines we have laid out today, you can’t go wrong. Even a professional designer would be proud. And you can be, too. And for more modern mobile home do’s and don’ts, check out these tips.

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