A mobile home park is more than just an investment, it is a community. As you develop your mobile home park, you need to think about the tenants you want to accommodate. So far, we’ve looked at communities designed for seniors, families, and the luxurious. Today, we’re going to look at parks intended as places that rent to felons.

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Yes, this is actually a niche mobile home park. And one that has its merits. According to one mobile home park owner, dedicating her park to sex offenders got rid of the drug dealers living in the area. Because sex offenders are closely monitored by authorities, this type of mobile home park deters those engaged in illicit activities. Read this article for the full story. Because sex offenders do not fall under fair housing laws, they find it difficult to secure housing. Not surprisingly, mobile home parks dedicated to sex offenders and convicted felons fill up fast and experience low turnover.

If you think this might be the park for you, here are some things to consider.

Legal requirements

Particularly for sexual offenders, you will need to make sure your park is more than 1000 feet away from schools, parks, daycares, and other places where children gather. You’ll also need to post signs that children are not allowed on the premises. Additionally, sex offenders must comply with the registration requirements of your state.

Though landlords may not discriminate against convicted felons according to fair housing laws, other residents are likely to complain if they learn they are living next door to a recently-released convict. To avoid problems, many landlords will find alternative reasons to reject a felon’s application.¬† If you are catering to felons and sex offenders, it’s best to make that clear up front.


Make sure you familiarize yourself with other laws related to felon housing. This is not intended to be a comprehensive guide.


While parole visits and schedule check-ins may be required, you might find it beneficial to provide counseling for your tenants. One sex offender park offers group therapy sessions. Living in your park means that residents will likely feel secluded from society. As the park owner, you can help break down the barriers of isolation and build community. Speak with local non-profit organizations for ideas and re-entry programs designed for felons.



This may seem obvious, but places that rent to felons should take necessary safety precautions. Granted, many of your tenants will be looking for a fresh start. They’ll also be aware of the fact that they are closely watched. But you should still take practical measures to protect all of your tenants and your staff. Have emergency protocols in place and consult security experts.

Will your mobile home park be one of the places that rent to felons?

Mobile home parks tend to create their own, unique communities. In a retirement park for 55+ residents, you might find neighbors gathered for bingo keeping a close watch on each other’s health. Family-friendly communities might feature conveniences for mom and close proximity to kid-friendly activities. Well-kept amenities and an amazing location define luxury mobile home parks. And perhaps your mobile home park will be among the places that rent to felons. Each one is a viable option for a mobile home park. Stay tuned for our final mobile home park idea, vacation rentals.

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