With a new year in play, you’re perhaps thinking to change up some things in your home, starting with a mattress. And if you’re not thinking about that, maybe this article will entice you to take on that change.

After all, your bed should be comfortable, providing optimal support for your body. Good sleep is important. Don’t you know?

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A good bed enhances your quality of sleep. And proper sleep makes for a more enriching life. So it makes sense that you would want a better bed. This isn’t just about buying something for the sake of mere comfort. Although there’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself, there’s more to a perfect mattress than that. It affects your health.

How to find the perfect mattress to start off the new year

So to find the perfect mattress, you need to have a good understanding of the various kinds of mattresses. You also need to understand what to watch out for as you purchase a new mattress. We’ll go over both points with you.

Remember, this mattress is more than just about comfort. It contributes to your health. 

According to House of Beds, a quality bed enhances better memory, creativity, weight control, and mitigates a host of health issues. Our ability to sleep can make or break our health. Don’t take it too lightly. 

Understand the various kinds of mattresses

It’s helpful to begin with understanding the types of mattresses available. Before going into any store, you ought to have a basic understanding of these mattresses. This will help you determine what’s right for you prior to being swayed by a price tag.

Don’t be overwhelmed. We’re going to break it down for you with these three main types: foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, and adjustable air mattresses. 

Foam mattresses

In a foam mattress, various materials are used. Some are made with polyurethane. Others use latex. Some use a mix of both materials. If you’re buying a memory foam mattress, keep in mind that it softens when weight is on it. This mattress will mold to your body. Once the weight is removed, the foam shifts back into shape. 

Innerspring mattresses

In an innerspring mattress, you’ll find steel coils. A hybrid bed will be made up of foam above the steel coils for a layer of added cushioning. They can feel a bit too bouncy depending on the model. So keep that thought in mind — what will the other person feel when you shift possessions in bed? You don’t want a bed that’s too bouncy.

Adjustable air mattresses

And now let’s look at air mattresses. In this mattress, you make of it what you will. If you want it extra firm, you’re in control. An electrical pump lets you inflate it to your desired firmness. Often, adjustable air mattresses come with foam on top. You can even find models that allow you to inflate the individual sides of the bed according to your preferences. 

Visit mattress stores

Now let’s look at some tips for that visit to the mattress store. You’ve figured out the type of bed you want. But now it’s time to go check them out in person. What do you do when you get to the store? 

Test that bed

Well, you arrive at the store, let the salesperson know what you’re looking for. Ask for where you might find the type of bed you’re interested in.

To be sure the beds being shown are a good fit for you, test them out. That’s right. Kick off your shoes and climb up on that bed. Are you happy?

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Check out the warranty

Before you commit to any mattresses, be aware of the warranty.

See about a lower price

There’s no shame in asking if they’ll take a lower price. 

What about return policies?

Ask about the return policies before you commit to the purchase.

Inspect the mattress

And finally, before the mattress delivery guy leaves, check that mattress. If it’s in bad shape, insist he takes it back.

Sleep well this new year

There you have it. Now you know how to find the perfect mattress to start off the new year. It’s not too complicated but it does require some time and effort on your part.

Don’t stop at a perfect mattress. Give your bedroom a fresh new look. Take a gander at what’s what’s trending in 2020 for the bedroom and bathroom. Make your home a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place to be. After all, it’s your home — your haven from the toils of the world.

While the world is your oyster, your home is your place of rest and recovery. Give it the attention it merits.

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