There is something refreshing and right about giving back to your local community. You find yourself blessed in the process of striving to bless others. Why not kickstart the new year with a few ideas on how to partner with your local community?

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Some of these ideas focus on your residents and staff pitching in with community projects. You’ll also see one or two that entail bringing more attention to local businesses. It’s a win for the community when you can help others succeed in helping or serving others.

Ways for your mobile home park to partner with your local community

If anything, we hope this article gets some ideas brewing on how your mobile home park can contribute to your local community. While it’s good to have a tight-knit mobile home park, it’s important to realize that there are others outside your immediate community. The people, businesses, and organizations in your local community are important to the day to day life of your park!

1 – Share opportunities to attend school fundraisers

For our first idea, we have school fundraisers. Encourage your residents to attend fundraisers for schools in the surrounding areas. If you have local students living in your community, ask them to keep you in the know regarding any opportunities for pitching in with school activities and fundraising.

When you have the dates for a school fundraising event, you can print out flyers to get your park residents involved.

Some residents may wish to contribute their time or an item to the fundraiser, others may wish to participate by making a financial contribution. Whatever you do, it’s always a good thing to give toward kids and their education.

2 – Donate time to the local animal shelter

Now how about our furry friends? Some animal shelters are understaffed. An extra helping hand is often welcome by these places. If your mobile home park is open to pets, you may encourage your residents to foster a cat or dog for a time. This gives the animal respite in a loving home —- and who knows, it may end up getting adopted as a result!

3 – Organize a clean-up day in town

To be sure, a town doesn’t stay clean and well kept on its own. Someone is picking up the trash and keeping the grass trimmed. In many communities, you’ll find that maintenance efforts are often volunteer. Different entities in the community come together to pitch in with upkeep.

By seeking and organizing a cleanup crew from your park, you (and your volunteers) will be giving back to the community in a practical way. Your community and the earth will be glad for a cleaned up and spruced up area!

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4 – Work out a deal with restaurants and businesses

In addition to volunteer work, you can also help businesses gain more clients and customers. Invite local restaurants and businesses to provide a (one-time) special discount or deal to your park residents.

This will encourage your residents to enjoy a nice evening out and try something new while benefitting a small business. It can be a big win for all parties!

5 – Adopt a road

Have you thought about adopting a road? Your mobile home park could adopt a road, a useful service to the community. By adopting a road, your park will be responsible for picking up litter and sprucing up the landscape. Get in touch with your local government to see what needs to be done to officially adopt a road.

6 – Host a carnival day

Now how about hosting a carnival day? You could invite your park to help you host a fun carnival day for families inside and outside the mobile home park. Bounce houses, fun obstacles courses, and games for the kids, friendly competitions and more could be part of the “carnival day!”

7 – Connect with your local library

For a fun experience, you can connect with your local library and see about volunteer opportunities your park could help with. From read-aloud time to craft-making, we’re sure your librarian will have some ideas up their sleeves.

8 – Host educational workshops, invite everyone

To be sure, your park could be a great location to host educational workshops that benefit your park residents. By why stop there? Why not invite people outside your mobile home park to partake in gleaning some knowledge?

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9 – Advertise community volunteer opportunities

Keep in touch with local non-profits and churches in your local community. When you hear of a volunteer opportunity or some other means of helping, you can share that information with your residents.

Don’t forget to take care of your own

Service starts at home. If you’re not taking care of your own community, how can you help those outside your mobile home community?

While you’re planning out your year, remember to plan events with an emphasis on your own mobile home community.

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