You know one when you see it, but it can be hard to define. What exactly is it that makes a mobile home a nice mobile home? And for that matter, what makes a nice mobile home park? We’ve outlined the basic elements below. Now you’ll know what to look for or what to strive for depending on whether you’re a mobile home buyer or a mobile home investor.

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The three main characteristics of nice mobile homes and their parks


This might be obvious, but many people underestimate the importance of clean homes and clean parks. From picking up leaves off the lawn to weeding the flower beds to finding a home for stray items, homeowners can increase the “niceness” of their mobile home.

For mobile home park owners, the same applies. But it’s good to have preventative measures in place. For instance, have strategically placed trash receptacles around your property and make sure to empty them regularly. Give discounts to mobile home owners who keep their lots clean or give out monthly awards to the cleanest lots. Visitors will be impressed with how nice your mobile home park looks just because it’s trash and clutter-free.

Maintenance and upkeep

Broken fence

While broken fences, bent gutters, and torn skirting immediately lower the “nice” factor of your mobile home, they’re also very easy to fix. Make a quick inspection of your home and take note of any repairs to complete. For problems like wet spots, don’t just fix the surface issue. Find the source, or you’ll be repairing that spot again, perhaps with more costly expenses.

If you’re a mobile home park owner, your inspection may take a little longer. We recommend performing an annual or even quarterly check-up of your property. If you stay on top of repairs and maintenance, it could save you money down the road.

Besides checking on the condition of the homes in your park, look for damage to roads or driveways. Depending on your local regulations, you could receive a fine if emergency vehicles do not have unobstructed access to all parts of your property.

Keep an eye on your trees to make sure they don’t have old limbs that are in danger of falling on something or someone. Inspect all of your common facilities and make note of any minor or major repairs necessary. From loose tiles in the swimming pool to unstable benches by the playground, make sure you keep all of it in working order for the safety of your residence and the visual appeal of your park.


Cleanliness and upkeep are basic elements, but taking care of dirt and disrepair doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a nice mobile home or park.

Mobile home personalization

To achieve that “wow” factor, you need to think customization. Maybe you upgrade the doors and windows on your mobile home or you design and grow amazing flowerbeds around your home. Whatever it is, try to make your mobile home more inviting.

This technique isn’t limited to the exterior only. Make custom upgrades on the inside of your home too. These could include replacing cupboards, removing paneling and carpeting, or changing out countertops and factory-installed fixtures. Take a look at these nine mobile home makeovers for more inspiration.

Mobile home park options


For a mobile home park, there are lots of options to make visitors think “nice” when they step onto your property. You might ask all your residents to adhere to a certain color scheme. Or maybe you provide landscaping services so that all your lots have similar lawns and shrubs.

More important than having a “unique” mobile home park is focusing on curb appeal. You want passer-bys to appreciate your park from every angle. Take a moment to step back from your park and see what you notice right away. Does it detract from the niceness of your park or should it be a focal point?

As an alternative, try to picture brick-lined walkways or colorful flowerbeds. What would make your mobile home park seem more welcoming and inviting? If you don’t have an eye for these things, there are professional you can consult. Just remember, nice doesn’t have to mean over the top.

A couple last reminders…

Having nice mobile homes or a nice park doesn’t mean “sparing no expense” or sacrificing your personal tastes. It just means stepping back to see what others see and capitalizing on your home or park’s best features. If you’d prefer to get a more “traditional” look, perhaps you’d like to replicate some of these mobile homes that look like houses.

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