Are you thinking about moving into a mobile home fixer-upper?

It seems like a worthy project, right? Taking something old and reviving it into something new and fresh is rewarding. It’s a feeling of great satisfaction knowing that you accomplished something good with your own assets, planning, and sweat.

Miscellaneous tools laid out for project

But taking on a worthy project is not wise without thinking it through. At what point can you move into your fixer-upper?

Give yourself some time to weigh some thoughts before you move into a mobile home fixer-upper. There are a few things you need to iron out before you can call it home.

7 things you need to do before moving into a mobile home fixer upper

So let’s hit the break on moving into that mobile home fixer-upper. It’s time to pause and give yourself a good look at the reality before you. And don’t stress it — we’ll keep it simple. Follow along and join us for the ride.

1 – Inspect the mobile home

First of all, you’ll want to run through and around your mobile home. It’s important that you do a fixer upper inspection. Is the home worthy of inhabiting? Perhaps not quite yet.

Some obvious reasons to delay moving in right away include major plumbing issues and significant electrical repairs. If you don’t have running water yet or working electricity, you’ll find yourself in some primitive living conditions.

Don’t forget to check for mold while you’re at it. In some cases, mold can be deadly to those who are exposed to living in it on a day to day basis.

An inspection of the mobile home will help you determine what needs to be done as soon as possible — before you up and move into your fixer upper.

2 – Count the cost

After you’ve taken notes from the inspection, you are equipped to tackle the task of budgeting. Counting the cost is something you need to do before moving into a mobile home fixer-upper.

This will help you determine approximate dates of task completion and whether or not you can juggle the cost of repairs and your day to day living expenses. Don’t skip out on this step!

Budgeting for house

3 – What are the must-do repairs

Now it is time to prioritize your repairs list. As we suggested further above, some repairs require immediate attention before moving in. Prioritizing repairs on a fixer upper is a wise use of time.

Categorize your repairs so you have a game plan with measurable results. You don’t want to move into your home and six months from now feel as though nothing has been accomplished.

Create your plan and use it as a road map to sprucing up that mobile home fixer upper.

4 – Be sure it’s worth your time

Another thing you must know before moving into a mobile home fixer upper is whether it’s worth your time. Even if you’ve already purchased the home, you’re better off pulling out now if it was a bad idea.

A fixer upper could be a nightmare money pit if you’re not careful. The wisest thing you could do is ensure it’s a smart investment.

5 – Contractor vs DIY?

Will you take matters into your own hands or will you do it yourself? This is a valid question to ask before you move into that fixer upper. If you plan on hiring out contractors to do the work, then be honest with yourself. Are you going to be OK with different people you don’t know coming in and out of your home?

If not, you may want the bulk of the house fixed up before you move in.

6 – Have a clear plan in place

Without a plan, you’re planning to fail. Map out how you want to tackle the mobile home fixer upper tasks. In no time at all, your home will look fabulous if you are dogged and determined enough.

Planning out a mapping plan

It will be hard work for sure. But it will be worth it.

7 – Think about the future

Think ahead. Where do you see yourself in five years? Will the mobile home be big enough for the life you envision? If not, will you get a return on your investment when you sell the fixer upper a few years from now?

There is no easy answer. Every situation is different with unique circumstances. Take inventory of all the details surrounding your mobile home fixer upper, then decide.

A fixer upper for the ages

Whether you’re fixing it for yourself or to flip, a fixer upper doesn’t have to be a money pit. It can be a great investment, worth every cent and drop of sweat you pour into it.

We hope we’ve helped you establish a plan of what to do before moving into a mobile home fixer upper.

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