As we find ourselves with Veteran’s Day around the corner, we thought it prudent to provide mobile home facts pertinent to veterans. There’s much that should be of interest surrounding the mobile home — its history and its value. 

It is with much gratitude and honor, we share these interesting and helpful facts about mobile homes that every veteran should know.

We hope the information provided is not only informative but also useful to our nation’s veterans and their families. 

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In the words of Winston Churchill, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.”

We wish our veterans and their families the best with our expressed gratitude for their sacrifice.

Facts about mobile homes that every veteran should know

So let’s get on with the interesting facts about mobile homes that every veteran should know about. We think you’ll find some of them useful if you’re looking at retirement housing options.

Post-WWII, mobile homes were the home of choice

For those returning from the war and starting families, the mobile home provided shelter to veterans as they acclimated to civilian life. At that time, the mobile home was quite mobile. 

It was a far cry from the structures we see today. The exterior was tin, it did not hold up well. But it was mobile and easy to build for the returning veterans as they raised up a new generation of little ones. For the situation they found themselves in, the mobile home proved to be an asset.

These veterans needed a home to raise their families. The mobile home delivered.

Thankfully the mobile home of today is still affordable but it is also better in quality. And that brings us to our next fact.

Mobile homes are comparable to stick-built homes

In examining the mobile home of today, we are looking at a housing option that’s both affordable and carries an exceptional quality. Thanks to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the mobile home has come a long way from the tin can of days gone by. 

Its affordability and speed of construction have proven an asset in providing housing to families, seniors, and singles of all economic situations. And best of all, the mobile home of today looks much like a stick-built home. You can hardly tell the difference. 

There’s something to be said about the mobile home. It can serve the celebrity and the retiree.

You can get a VA loan for a mobile home

Did you know that you can get a VA loan for a mobile home? It depends on the loan provider. So if you’re keen on getting on the mobile home bandwagon, call around and find out which businesses will provide you with a VA loan for a mobile home.

You can get a VA loan to purchase a mobile home or a lot. Or to buy and improve a lot for a mobile home that’s already in your possession. The maximum term for a double-wide manufactured home is 25 years.

There’s more information on the web about VA loans for manufactured housing.

Mobile homes are part of affordable housing programs

Manufactured homes are at the heart of most affordable housing programs. There are affordable housing programs for veterans and their families such as Veterans Affordable Housing Program. This program, for example, is not a government program. They help veterans purchase manufactured housing and they even assist with down payments and acquire grant funds for handicap assistance.

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As can be seen, people have picked up on the fact that a mobile home can cater to the needs of veterans.

Mobiles homes are customizable

If you or a loved one found themselves injured from serving, a mobile home is worth considering. Mobile homes are made to order. And you can design your own floorplan with the assistance of the manufacturing company. This is great if you or your veteran family member has special requirements to make day to day living more comfortable and accessible.

That’s the beauty of mobile homes. You can make it what you wish when it comes time to have one made. 

The mobile home is a worthy option for veterans

In the event that you or your loved one is a veteran, it may be worth considering the mobile home for yours or their housing situation.

We mentioned how customizable a mobile home layout can be — here are some ways to think outside the box when it comes to mobile home floor designs.

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