As a mobile homeowner, you’re doing well to consider the various ways that brilliant smart devices could change your life for the better. And not just yours — but your family’s too.

There are many reasons to leverage the power of technology. 

First of all, smart devices bring convenience to the day to day grind. Want to turn the music on? Want to turn on a light or set the fan speed? It’s easy. You can do it from the place you find yourself standing or sitting with your handy phone or pre-programmed scheduling. 

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Second of all, smart devices are not only convenient, but they also save time. And that’s a beautiful thing to save. Time is something you can never regain. 

7 brilliant smart devices that will change life in your mobile home

So with that said, let’s explore seven brilliant smart devices that will change life in your mobile home. (Of course, we’re talking about a good change here! Don’t be mistaken.)

From light bulbs to security systems, there’s a smart device for every household. You’ll love the convenience they bring to your mobile home life.

1 – Smart light bulbs

To begin with, let’s talk about smart light bulbs. Smart light bulbs are an incredible invention, giving you light but with some awesome controls at your fingertips. From simple on/off controls to light shows that move to the music, smart light bulbs come with a range of features. 

They’re fabulous bits of tech, allowing you to control your lights through your phone or devices such as Alexa. 

2 – Smart thermostat

Another brilliant device is the smart thermostat. 

Here’s what we love about the smart thermostat: it helps improve energy efficiency in the upkeep of your home. It connects to WiFi and it automatically controls the temperature of your home. It will assess what your preferred temperature schedule is, then adapt a plan to keep that while saving energy. And of course, you may remotely control your home’s temperature. Even if you’re at work.

3 – Smart TV

Now let’s look at Smart TVs. These TVs are handy. They’ll let you connect to your preferred online movie or TV series subscription services. As you work in the other room on a project, you can connect to the TV through your phone and put some wholesome entertainment on for the kids.

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4 – Smart doorbell

Have you thought about taking your doorbell to a whole new level of usefulness? You can with the smart doorbell. The smart doorbell has a video camera on it — the feed of which you may access from your phone, from anywhere in the world with a good data or WiFi connection.

The video feed also allows you to engage with people who come to your doorbell. You can speak to them through the speakers and make inquiry as to their purpose.

5 – Smart diffuser

And how about a smart diffuser? For some WiFi controls for your oil diffusing needs, a smart oil diffuser will deliver. You can connect these diffusers to Alexa and Google Assistant or work with the brand’s app. From mist control to on/off controls, the convenience is priceless.

6 – Smart plug

For the person who’s always forgetting to “unplug the iron,” this may be a huge blessing. The smart plug goes into your outlet. You can control it remotely from your phone and cut off power to whatever’s plugged into it. It’s a fancy and handy bit of tech if you ask us. 

7 – Smart security system

Say hello to smart security systems. With a smart security system, you can take control of your security from afar thanks to a WiFi connection. Things like remote monitoring and the locking or unlocking of doors can be controlled through your app. Shop around and take a look at all the bells and whistles that come with various smart models.

Smart door locks

Think smart by leveraging technology

For the mobile home owner, a less stressed life is often a priority. You can uncomplicate your life by making use of your smartphone paired with a smart device. Forgot to turn off the lights? No need to turn around and head back home. The smart device setup has your back. 

And it’s nothing to scoff at, friends. Who doesn’t love controlling their household fixtures and devices from the tap of their phone? Why you don’t even have to be home to take control.

If you found this article helpful in shopping for your next or first smart device, that’s fantastic. You’ll probably appreciate our summer shopping recommendations too. We go over seven different things you may wish to capitalize on buying while summer is here and the items are easy to find in the store.  Happy shopping to you and yours. 

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