With summer on the horizon, it’s a great time to start thinking about mobile home renovation ideas. Under the sweltering heat of a summer’s day, you’ll be glad to see many of these renovation ideas are indoors. We also have a few exterior ideas for your consideration.


Summertime is also the perfect time to take some days off of work to focus on the care of your mobile home.

Planning for your renovation

Before we continue forward, we need to consider three important points to weigh before pressing on with a renovation. This will help you in your decision-making. You’ll want to wisely choose the right renovation.


First, consider this point – you don’t want to leave a renovation unfinished. How long do you estimate the project to take? Tack on a little extra time to that estimate, because we all know everything takes longer than expected.

And don’t forget to factor in the timing. If it’s an outdoor project, you’ll probably want to look at the weather forecast. Rain is detrimental to progress, plus it could damage your materials and home if exposed to the elements.


Second, make an effort to calculate how much a project will cost you. See how much you are able to or willing to spend for your renovation project.

Typically, a 5 to 10% contingency budget is popular in construction. Contingency is merely the money calculated for any unplanned spending. This may occur in the event of a miscalculation or damage. Should something go wrong, the idea is that you have a contingency budget set aside. It will help your wallet cope with unplanned expenses.

As you budget for your renovation, don’t be disheartened if you’re coming up short on your ability to pay for the project. You can continue to set aside money for your renovation budget. Or you may choose a renovation idea that lies more within your budget range.

Additionally, you may call around for different pricing on materials. You may be pleased to find some places provide more competitive pricing than others.

Do it yourself or hire a contractor

Finally, you have to choose between taking on the renovations yourself or hiring a contractor. We suggest you do not look at this as an either-or dilemma, but rather embrace both options at once.

Take on the simpler tasks that are within your abilities. But be open to calling up a skilled and trained contractor to deal with the more complicated tasks.

You may be willing to deal with the more difficult renovation steps but beware. It may cost you more in the long run if you take matters into your hands. A skilled contractor will know how to do quality work in a timely manner.

Mobile home renovation ideas

So without further delay, here we present to you a few mobile home renovation ideas.

1 – An exterior renovation

In this renovation, the homeowner wanted to take their home’s appeal a step further by implementing a granite skirting. Adding to the eclectic preferences of the homeowner, they chose to add vertical wood siding to their mobile home.

Exterior remodel with white siding and rock skirting

Image credit: First Place Contestant in the Mobile Home Parts Store Contest


2 – Mobile home kitchen renovation

Identifying the outdated features of your kitchen is paramount to an effective renovation. It may be time to do away with ugly, outdated wood paneling. This can help lighten up the space.

Open floor plans are popular right now. If you have a kitchen island, you may consider removing it and creating an open area between the kitchen and living room area. This will give your mobile home an appearance of greater space.

Another great kitchen renovation includes replacing the flooring. Rip out old carpet and add laminate or hardwood floors for a modern, updated look.

3 – Porch renovation

Every locale will be different. This homeowner had to deal with permits that were required in his location. While it all added up, the change is well worth it as can be seen.

Porch remodel

Image credit: Participant in the Mobile Home Parts Store Contest

4 – A refreshing living room update

Take a look at this amazing mobile home makeover. Some white paint went a long way towards brightening up the place. The carpet ripped out and replaced with laminate or hardwood flooring is also a key player in this refreshing living space.

Consider changing out your furniture and decor like they did to provide a pop of accent colors in the overall look.

5 – Mobile home turned inside out for a completely new look

So we just had to save the most intriguing and inspiring for last. A mobile home renovation that is sure to impress. Follow this link to see a gallery of jaw-dropping before and after pictures. The homeowner purchased her mobile home for $5,000 and turned it into this:

Mobile Home Complete Renovation

Image Credit: Gaszton Gal as featured by CountryLiving.com

Talk about intensive renovations! This homeowner went all out, adding new electrical and plumbing. In addition to gutting out the home and giving it a facelift, she also created an addition to house her art studio.

Also included in the renovating, she installed a lovely porch, perfect for hosting her guests.

Summer inspiration for your mobile home!

In closing, we hope these mobile home renovation ideas provided ample inspiration for your summer plans.

One last note of advice. If you think a renovation may be tied to something that needs repair in your home, you may wish to consult your mobile home warranty. Take care of that repair first.

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