Yes, we understand. Managing a mobile home park can really keep you on your toes and before you know it, we’ve reached a new holiday. In this case, we’re talking about Thanksgiving.

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But never fear, it’s not too late to celebrate it in style with your park residents. In an effort to keep the holiday spirit in the busiest of seasons, we have some last-minute ideas for you! You can integrate these ideas even if you’re down to the wire with time.

Last-minute ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving with your residents

While this list is not extensive, you’ll find these ideas perfect for last-minute Thanksgiving Day festiveness. And because they’re shaped for last-minute doing, they’re easy to implement.

And if you’re short on time for decor, we know what will do the trick in a pinch. Mums, pumpkins, and wreaths will never fail you. As you read on, remember this is supposed to be fun — not stressful.

Celebrate with the community bulletin board

Our first idea is a great way to put your mobile home park announcements board to good use. You can decorate the bulletin board with a Thanksgiving motif to get the place in the mood.

While the décor adds to the Thanksgiving vibe, it’s what you feature on the board that will make this board a hit. Invite your park residents to help you spread that attitude of gratitude by jotting down what they’re thankful for this year. Their notes can be posted on the board for all to see.

Parents will love the opportunity to teach their kids what it means to be thankful and the power of gratitude. You’ll find more often than not that your tenants will appreciate the reminder to stop and consider their many blessings.

Easy turkey paper plate craft

A quick run to your local store will provide you with the materials needed for this craft idea. It doesn’t take much legwork – you can announce this kids craft opportunity, even at the last-minute, with confidence.

Craft items

First, you’ll need the materials: red, yellow, orange, and brown construction paper. You’ll also want to cut out a pattern of a turkey feather. This turkey feather pattern may be traced over the construction paper so it’s easy for the participants to cut out their feathers. (Younger children will require adult assistance.)

Provide the children with markers so they can draw the turkey faces onto the paper plate. If your store has some handy, consider buying some googly eyes.

The feathers can be glued around the top half of the round paper plate. Punch a hole at the top of the plate. Then feed yarn through it and make a loop for hanging.

This project can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like!

Send out a community service information

Now here’s a great idea for those tenants who aren’t grappling with the (wonderful) chaos of hosting family.

You can collect a list of organizations – or simply highlight one – serving a Thanksgiving Day meal to the homeless or needy families and individuals of your community. Share this information on a printout with your mobile home park community. Include a list of ways to help these organizations.

The best way to beat the lonely blues that may come around the holidays is to get out and serve others.

This can be a great last-minute idea.

Host a pie contest

Yes, it’s last-minute but folks are already in the Thanksgiving spirit and eager to get those pies baking. A pie contest is a fun way to incite a friendly competitive spirit in the neighborhood. Invite those without a pie for the contest to bring a snack or dessert for a fun social evening with coffee.

Apples all around an apple pie

This pie contest doesn’t have to be on Thanksgiving Day. It can be done a few days in advance or after.

Last-minute doesn’t have to be stressful

Of course, holiday stress is a common weight on the shoulders of many. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a deep breath and see which one of these last-minute ideas is manageable.

If anything, we hope this article inspires you to do something with your park for the Thanksgiving Day holiday. You have don’t have to do big, fancy, or expensive to have a good time.

Don’t let hosting a Thanksgiving Day dinner stress you out. There’s a lot going on around the holiday season, we have some more ideas for you!

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