If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for ways to streamline your business. The same is true for your mobile home park endeavors. Making use of the right mobile home park software can help you do business. It will make your work less time consuming and more effective.

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In today’s world, technology can be leveraged for everyone’s benefit – even mobile home park management!

What kind of mobile home park software will help me?

There is a wide variety of mobile home park software that will help you, your team, and tenants. From payments to tenant and management communication, there’s definitely software that can meet your needs. One only needs to know where to look.

To help you understand the wide array of software at your fingertips, we’ve created a list of useful tools that could help you manage your park. In general, you’ll notice that some of the software on this list is specifically geared towards managing a mobile home park. Some of the recommendations used for other business ventures may have their place as a quality solution to park management.

Many mobile home park managers will find that one of these recommendations will suffice for their park needs. Others will prefer to use more than one software to get the job done. It depends on your preferences and priorities.


First on the list is Quickbooks. It is one of the most popular software setups for managing finances, including employee payroll. Notably, Quickbooks will help you manage the finance side of your mobile home park business and make it easy to share information with your accountant.

Rent Manager

Now we have Rent Manager on the dock. Rent Manager features all sorts of tools to help you run your mobile home park in one software. It’s customizable and it adapts to businesses of any size. It’ll grow with you.

Among its various features, you’ll find that it works for accounting and electronic payments. Additionally, mobile and online editions of the software are available for users.

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And here’s a huge selling point – Rent Manager will integrate with a variety of other software options for business analytics, inspections, maintenance, and more.

Property Tracker

In Property Tracker, you’ll find a handy solution for managing your mobile home park properties. It provides two unique tools to help you out.

First, it helps you evaluate the property before you buy it. So if you’re in the market for a mobile home park, enlist the help of Property Tracker to figure out if an investment is a good deal.

Second, Property Tracker will help you keep tabs on your current properties. It will help you identify ways to increase your profits and save on taxes. By entering your monthly income and expenses, Property Tracker will provide analytics. In particular, the analytics information will help you make wise management decisions.


With Cozy, you can easily manage your rent. Through its interface, tenants can easily be set up for recurring rent payments or one-time payments. Cozy will stay in communication with your tenants on your behalf.

It cuts your workload in half by helping you with tenant screening, listing your property, managing tenant applications, calculating rent estimates, managing tenant requests and communication, and more.

To clarify, using Cozy is like having an effective employee on your team.


So there are several ways that Appfolio can benefit your operation.

Appfolio can help you by providing quality reporting. It will help you assess properties and employee performance, allowing you to make informed decisions. It can also help you provide potential tenants with a convenient online leasing process.

In addition to the above points, Appfolio will help you stay connected with everyone involved in the day to day life of your mobile home park. Your management team, landlord, and even tenants can easily communicate, make payments, and track maintenance requests within this software.

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Park Sidekick

Last on our list of mobile home park software, we have Park Sidekick.

Geared specifically towards mobile home park management, Park Sidekick touts itself as a complete software solution for managing your mobile home park. In the software, you can program automatic billing and keep track of metered utilities.

Additionally, it will contain a database of tenant and property information for your park.

Choose the software that works for you

In closing, we hope we’ve helped you identify some mobile home park software that can change your business for the better. Most of the software we’ve listed here will offer you a free demo or trial on their website. Check it out, try each one, and see which benefits you the most.

For more ideas on how to manage your mobile home park, we have a few podcast recommendations for you.

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