A new year is a chance to review the past and find ways to make the future a better place for your mobile home park. We just love that feeling of starting over again on a clean slate.

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But now what? So you’re facing a brand-new year and want to do better. But where do you begin? What are some killer resolutions you could embrace to make this the best year yet?

9 resolutions to make this year

Making new year resolutions that specifically revolve around your mobile home park isn’t something you have to do blindly. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’re here to deliver some ideas.

From communication to a more engaged mobile home park community, you’re bound to find something or a few things that are a good fit for your mobile home park goals.

Are you ready? Follow along.

1 – Master the art of communication

In any line of business, you are interacting with people. To interact with people means to communicate. When you communicate, you’re not just using words. You’re employing your tone of voice, body language, action or inaction, and timing.

There are a million different ways you could inadvertently miscommunicate. And miscommunication can lead to big problems. But what if you could harness the power of skillful communication?

And then instead of igniting fires, you could put them out. Communication is a powerful tool, for good or bad. As a mobile home park owner or manager, you’d do well to invest in harnessing that tool.

2 – Paint those fences

For aesthetic purposes, tossing a fresh coat on your park’s fences can increase curb appeal. This is good for your tenants — they’ll want to stick around a neighborhood that isn’t trashy. And this is also good for prospective tenants. When they visit, they’ll see that you take the care of your mobile home park seriously.

Why contribute to the mobile home stigma of days gone by? Get those fences painted and freshened up.

3 – Get on the tech bandwagon

Admittedly, tech can be a bit daunting to some folks. But once you get on the bandwagon, there’s no looking back. It’s the way of the future in streamlining the day to day operations of a business.

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There’s technology that can be leveraged for project management to keep tabs on your staff, ensuring they’re adequately communicating with tenants and resolving issues. There’s also technology to make rent payment automatic and easy.

4 – Fill every vacant lot

Make this your new year resolution and pour your heart into thoughtful strategies to achieve this dream. A vacant lot is an unproductive lot. You want to fill in these lots with paying tenants. That’s a given, right?

But you need to do more than wish for this. You have to make a plan and execute that plan.

5 – Listen to mobile home investment podcasts

Have you thought about furthering your mobile home park management and investment knowledge? You’re only as knowledgeable as you wish to be. Knowledge isn’t simply accumulated by osmosis. More importantly, you should realize that you have to be proactive in acquiring knowledge.

You know what they say. Knowledge is power. So grab that smartphone and sign up for some helpful mobile home investing podcasts.

6 – Start a neighborhood watch group

Share some information with tenants on starting a neighborhood watch group. A neighborhood watch group is a great way for your community to be involved in keeping the park a safe place for all.

7 – Organize a community clean-up day

In any community, maintenance is a requirement to keep the second law of thermodynamics from leaving its mark. To keep everyone on the same page and the mobile home stigma from rearing its ugly head, organize a community clean-up day.

8 – Host more community gatherings

Now how about cultivating a stronger bond in your mobile home park community? Encourage your park tenants to extend the hand of friendship one another. How do you get people to connect in this day of a zillion distractions?

A group of people cheering with drinks

Plan some fun community gatherings for the new year, of course! Get people out of their homes and into your community center or street (for a block party!) All of a sudden, rather than having strangers living next door, your tenants will see friends living next door. And that will make all the difference in a more unified community.

9 – Start a mobile home park community newsletter

Here’s a great resolution for the new year — start a mobile home park community newsletter. It’s a great way to keep your tenants abreast of what’s new and provide them with helpful knowledge and tricks.

Don’t set yourself up for failure

As you set your goals, remember to give yourself reasonable goals. Once you tackle your goals with success, you can take on bigger challenges! This is a great strategy if you have a hard time keeping up with new year resolutions.

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Dan Leighton has been working in the mobile home industry for over a decade. His focus has been on sales and customer relations - making sure each person in the transaction is comfortable and fully transparent. He has a wife and one son. Dan continues to look for innovative ways to help both sellers and parks get the most bang for their buck.