You’ll find that many people love having a canine or feline companion around. As you work on your mobile home park lease agreement, you ought to take a mobile home park pet policy into account.

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There is a significant quantity of homeowners with pets. This means having a pet policy is going to be a must for your park.

Pets need to have policies, too

Whatever your feelings are towards man’s best friend, it’s smart to lay out the ground rules for pets in your mobile home park.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, about 78 million dogs and 85.5 million cats have homes in the United States. Around 44% of U.S. homes have a dog. 35% have a cat residing with them.

So the question is this – how do you write a mobile home park policy?

Mobile home park pet policy

Although writing up a policy may seem daunting, you need not worry. We’ll walk you through some things you need to think about as you draft up your mobile home park pet policy.

To welcome the pets or not to welcome the pets

That is the question. Are pets allowed in your mobile home park? There is much debate amongst landlords on whether or not welcoming pets is a good idea.

If you decide not to welcome pets within your mobile home park, be clear on your stance. Write this in your lease agreement.

Be aware that you must write out another policy for service animals. This should be in the disability accommodation policy you may wish to write up. You must welcome these service animals into your park, as they are more than pets.

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Should you decide that your park is welcoming towards pets, you need to lay out some important ground rules. Don’t just say “pets welcomed.” Be more specific than that, and you’ll save yourself much grief.

Residents who desire to move in your pet-friendly mobile home park are required to prove city licensing for their pet(s).

They should also prove that their dog or cat is vaccinated.

Make pet tags a requirement

Another requirement should be that their dog or cat wear a collar with tag. This tag should have the mobile home tenant’s contact information, including their address.

It would be wise to have the tenant provide you with a photo of their pet. It could come in handy if you keep it on file.

Require that a document is signed and notarized, making clear the pet owner agrees to the mobile home park pet policy.

Other details to clarify in your pet policy

How many pets are allowed per mobile home park resident? Are you particular about the size, weight, or height allowed in your park? Do you insist on pets being spayed or neutered?

Take note, you cannot be too detailed in your requirements and prohibitions. Should there be a big disagreement between you and a resident, you can always point to the lease they signed.

Fees to consider in your pet policy

By charging a refundable pet fee or other pet-related deposit, your tenants will take their pet responsibilities seriously. If it’s large enough, your tenant will be keen on ensuring they’re money is returned.

Note, pet-related fees or deposits must be waived for service or companion animals. Technically they are not pets.

You could also have tenants pay a non-refundable fee each month. But beware, it’s illegal in some states to charge extra fees for pets.

Before papers are signed

If you’re going to allow pets into your mobile home park, interview the pet owner before any paperwork is signed.

Responsible pet owners will care that their pet is not a nuisance and that it is well taken care of.

White dog with female owner by its side

In your interview, you’ll want to ask questions such as where they acquired the pet and how long they’ve owned it. Ask if the pet has ever bitten or harmed any person or animal.

Inquire after who will be the pet’s primary caregiver. Find out who’s going to care for the pet when the owner is out of the home.

Keep it simple but to the point

In closing, writing a mobile home park pet policy doesn’t have to be complicated. But it must be well-thought out. On one hand, you may think having pets in your mobile home park is a bad idea. That’s fine, just make that is clear in the paperwork that your tenants are signing.

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