You’ve acquired your mobile home park and now you’re ready to line up all your ducks and begin leasing your lots.

However, you know you could use some help. The task of juggling the variety of tenants, their needs, lot and home repairs, disputes, collecting pay, and processing new tenants can be daunting. Especially if you’re at it alone.

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But what does a mobile home park manager description entail? How involved are they with your tenants and paperwork? What should you expect from them? What should you include in the job listing? And lastly, where do you seek out this help?

Writing your mobile home park manager job description

There are a few key denominators every mobile home park manager should share. That is if you want them to come equipped to handle the job well.

Social skills

First, a mobile home park manager ought to be ready and willing to be in constant contact with your park’s residents. They should also be prepared to speak with anyone who is interested in becoming a resident of the park.

Among their other responsibilities, this individual will be collecting rent fees from residents. They’ll also be the one to follow up with tenants who are late in their payments to the park.

They’re responsible for ensuring the park continues to run. If payments are not being collected, you’ll be in a dire situation which could snowball into the collapse of your park. Your mobile home park manager will stay on top of these things. And this brings us to our next point in a manager’s job description.


Next, we’re looking for an individual who is organized enough to stay on top of what needs to be done. Due dates for payment collection, follow up meetings with tenants, and more are not to be neglected.

If your park manager can’t stay organized, this could cause big failures in your park’s economic viability.

Because they’ll be handling financial transactions and overdue payments, you need them to be organized. Important paperwork is not to be lost. There is little room for miscalculation or forgetfulness.

They should also be able to keep up with their engagements with potential new tenants, provide tours in a timely manner, all the while maintaining these rental properties.


Handle evictions

Although it’s not a pleasant situation to be a part of, a mobile home manager must be able to handle evictions. This means dealing with people who may be unhappy and vitriol in their reactions to the eviction.

Your mobile home park manager should be self-controlled and able to tactfully and legally deal with these tenants.


They can’t just be winsome. Park managers need to be clear communicators. They won’t only be dealing with tenants and potential tenants, they’ll also be the point of contact between mobile home tenants and contractors should there be a need for maintenance or repair.

On that note, a mobile home manager may tackle some of the smaller repairs themselves or have another park staff member deal with it. If necessary, they’ll call a contractor to handle the issue.

Mobile home park managers are also the ones who contact the utility companies and whoever else needs to be contacted so that the park may continue to run smoothly.

Other requirements

Repair skills are often in a mobile home park manager job description; although some park owners have found some great managers who don’t do handyman work. They found the quality of the worker though deficient in repair was worth it in other areas. Even if they had to hire another staff member for small repair work.

Oftentimes, mobile home park managers live on site, in the mobile home park. This is more convenient due to the fact that they are on call all day and night in the case of emergency scenarios.  

Where to post your call for help

Finally, you’ve drafted up your job description and you’re eager to begin the interview process. So where do you post your hiring advertisement?


For one, you can post in your local newspaper. You may also post online at websites such as Working Couples, Zip Recruiter, and Career Builder.

Find the right manager for your park!

In addition to all that, it’s a plus if your mobile home park manager has the skills to organize a community event. Bringing unity in your mobile home park is a big plus.

If your manager fits the mobile home park manager job description and is passionate about serving the people in your park, they’ll understand that their job is about more than just collecting payments. They’re working with real people who have real lives. Reaching out to people and being neighborly can be life-giving for the soul of your community. They should be willing to work with people – whether it’s on an individual level or on a group level such as via a Mobile Home Owners Association if your park has one.

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