Unfortunately, a certain stigma seems to hang around the air at the mere mention of mobile home park living. There are, in fact, several common misconceptions about mobile home park living that has become quite the stigma. 

It’s time to shake off this stigma and learn about the facts surrounding this surprisingly wonderful housing option.

5 common misconceptions about mobile home park living

We’re not going to lie- the truth is, the mobile home stigma of gloomy homes in shambles is not without reason. In the past, this type of housing held low standards in construction. Yes, it was affordable but it was also poor quality and most likely, unstable for safety.

However, misconceptions from the past do not define what mobile home parks have become in today’s society. Just as technology has changed, housing options have become wider in variety as well. Additionally, the mobile home’s quality has increased significantly while maintaining a reputation for affordability. It’s no wonder that this housing option is growing in popularity as people realize what a great option it is today!

1 – It’s gloomy

If you think mobile home park living means a gloomy and dull neighborhood with little regard for cleanliness, think again. Many mobile home parks have strict rules regarding the upkeep of tenant’s yards. A common rule found may be “pets must be looked after”. Some parks may not even allow pets if being a pet owner is not in your interest.

Concerned about mobile home park cleanliness? Carve out some time to visit several mobile home parks. As a matter of fact, you’ll find that these communities are just like stick-built home neighborhoods. However, bear in mind that every community is different.

Some neighborhoods have little regard or rules for the upkeep of residents’ yard space. Others are strict and everything looks perfectly manicured. Some neighborhoods look like they’ve been abandoned. It’s not about the type of home (stick built vs mobile home), but rather the residents who create the environment of the various neighborhoods.

2 – It has a high crime

Many people associate mobile home communities with high crime rates. This is simply a faulty association. There are many stick-built home communities that are filled with high crime rates.

Again, it’s not about the type of home. It’s about the residents and the landlord’s leniency or strictness.

In some mobile home parks, there will be someone at the gate to check people in and out of the community. Living in this type of mobile home park can give you a heightened sense of safety if you’re concerned about crime.

Secure Lock For Housing

But remember – to say that mobile home park living is going to mean living in a high crime neighborhood is a faulty assumption.

3 – It’s poor quality housing

Without a doubt, mobile home quality has exceeded that of its predecessors pre-70s HUD code. So the stigma that surrounds this housing is really a thing of the past.

The Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD code) brought about significant change in the way manufacturers built these homes. Nowadays, most mobile home manufacturers seek to go above and beyond the minimum requirements set forth by HUD.

Furthermore, HUD code created a big turning point in the history of mobile home housing. HUD code sets forth minimum requirements on construction and materials used in making these homes. Various inspections are required to maintain the integrity of the build.

4 – It’s only for lower income individuals or family

Most likely due to the general affordability of mobile home living, people tend to think its for lower income people. However, you’ll find that mobile home park living is attractive to all sorts of people from various backgrounds, social classes, and stages of life.

Some mobile home parks are geared towards family, others are geared towards retirees. Families may like the affordability a mobile home accommodates them. On the other hand, retirees may like the affordability mingled with the ease of maintenance.

Mobile Homes In Safe Neighborhood

Additionally, many people choose the mobile home life because they want a simpler lifestyle in spite of the fact they may be able to afford a mansion. Kid Rock is an example of this mindset.

5 – There is little protection for mobile home owners

Some people may think there is little to no protection for people who live in a mobile home park. What if the landlord wishes to evict you at a moment’s notice? What if the land your mobile home sits on gets sold?

While there is some weight in these concerns, it’s not as terrible as you may think. There are laws in place to protect mobile home tenants and systems in place so that tenants are not evicted unjustly.

Mobile home park living isn’t as horrible as you may assume

In closing, mobile home park living comes with many benefits. You’d be surprised to see that a mobile home can be big and wide enough to comfortably hold a family of four with an added patio for a bbq and outdoor furniture! With the misconceptions debunked, why not consider the wonderful benefits that come with living in a mobile home park?

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