Looking for a mobile home park investing podcast to tune into? Today we’ll be highlighting a few of our top recommendations to help you learn the art of mobile home park ownership and how to make your business more successful.

Without a doubt, podcasts provide a wonderful service to those who are willing to listen.

Interestingly, podcasts are a popular form of sharing and intaking information. According to forbes.com, around 67 million people listen to podcasts each month.

Why are podcasts so popular?

More and more people in different niches are realizing what an opportunity a podcast is to share valuable information with willing listeners.

A podcast provides a refreshing yet productive break from computer or phone screens. Instead of scrolling through web pages or forum discussions, you can give your eyes a break from the screen and put your ears to use.

This is great news as you can really make the most of those moments in life where you can multitask.

If you’re in the car, you can tune into a podcast. Or if you’re cleaning your home or working with mobile home maintenance. You’ll be glad to use your time wisely by listening in while you work.

Our top recommendations for mobile home park investing podcasts

So without further delay, let’s highlight a few of our top recommendations for getting your podcast fix in mobile home park investing. You can listen to these podcasts on your android phone, apple phone, tablets, or computers.

The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast

Hosted by Kevin Bupp and Charles DeHart, The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast seeks to inform listeners on how they can be successful in this particular trade.

Mic recording for podcast with iPad

Within this podcast, you’re sitting down with veteran Real Estate Investors who’ve earned their voice as trusted sources of authority on this topic. With years of experience – both trial and error – under their belt, you can learn much from their recordings.

In addition to hearing them weigh in on a different aspect of the trade, Kevin and Charles bring industry experts on board for interviews.

These hosts don’t waste your time with filler material. They work hard to bring you the best in guest interviews, advice, and tricks of the trade.

There is a goal behind their purpose and that’s to enable you in becoming a better mobile home park investor. They believe in this niche and they want to see others succeed.

The Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast

The Mobile Home Park Mastery Podcast is put on by Mobile Home University. Mobile Home University is a leading source of quality information regarding mobile home park investments. They’ve been featured on the New York Times and Bloomberg and that’s for good reason.

In an effort to further help people understand the ins and outs of mobile home investing, Frank Rolfe and Dave Reynolds partnered together to host this podcast.

So with that in mind, you can expect useful information in their podcast show. Episodes range from a variety of angles that will keep you in tune to making your investment a success.

A little sneak peak …

For example, Episode 32 is about lessons learned from their park residents. That is humbling to think a mobile home park investor would be willing to learn from their residents. And of course, that should not come as a surprise. If you care about your niche, you’ll also care about the people you’re serving and how you can serve them better.

Other episodes cover economic opportunities with clubhouses and laundry buildings. And the legal aspect of owning a mobile home park is covered too.

Mobile Home Investing Podcast

Since 2007, MobileHomeInvesting.net has been providing quality content to educate people. Their main show host is John Fredo and he has an array of co-hosts that change from week to week.

The Mobile Home Investing podcast aims to help both the uninitiated and the experienced investors. Those who are looking for clarity and trustworthy information in the trade are smart to tune in.

Guy taking notes from laptop

As he’ll be the first to say, John is no millionaire. But he is content with his work as a mobile home investor. It’s given him the financial freedom to where he can spend more time with his family and close friends. His clients love him and he’s able to pursue his personal goals.

He went from knowing nothing about real estate to becoming a successful entrepreneur in mobile home park investing. We hope you are inspired by his story and find that he has much to offer.

Give it a listen!

Now that we’ve explored three of our top recommendations for mobile home park investing podcasts, we hope you’ll give each a listen.

Mobile home park investing can seem intimidating at first, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Listening to podcasts, reading articles, and tapping into mentors in the field will equip you for success.

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