Spring is in the air, and what better time than now to improve your mobile home park?

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It has come to your attention that the mobile homes in your park could use a little working on, but funds are tight and you’re hoping to work with a low budget.

If you’re determined to maintain a low-cost mobile home park improvement, we have a few ideas for your mobile home park improvement plan. These ideas will increase the appeal of your mobile home rentals to possible tenants. They will also give your park the air of quality it deserves – all this and more without having to deal with big spending.

Painting mobile home interior walls

As walls age so does the paint. Over time, it’s natural for these walls to get scuffed, accumulate dirt, and lose their original luster.

A good tip here would be being careful to stay away from bold accent colors. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s wise to stay clear of white as it will make your mobile homes look too sterile and unwelcoming. You should choose neutral colors for the interior walls.

Colors such as Machester Tan or Cornforth White are excellent neutral colors for your mobile home interior.

Choose a semi-gloss paint over a flat or matte paint. This will make your walls easier to clean, giving your coat of paint a longer lifespan.

Painting your cabinets

Another well-used portion of your house is the kitchen, especially kitchen cabinets. Your mobile home tenants are probably constantly coming in with your cabinet doors as they cook in the kitchen and go about their day. These cabinets often see a lot of wear and use.

To get your kitchen cabinets looking like new, you’ll want to first clean them up with a strong natural cleaner. After that, they’ll require some sanding. That’s when the painting can begin for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

Above door frame towel storage

Subsequently, on our list, we have a wonderful idea for making the most of your tenants’ small spaces. It’s not a costly move, but it sure can be an eye-catcher.

Above the frame of a door, you can install some shelving boxes for towel storage. This can go beyond towels and serve as a handy place to store baskets to hide away paperwork or other odds and ends. Books, DVDs, or decor can find a perfect home in this shelving.

Caulk around your windows

While we hope your mobile homes are energy efficient enough, it is possible that adding some caulk around your windows will take energy efficiency a step further on some mobile home models.

Take the time to improve your mobile homes. Your tenants will appreciate this as it reflects that you care. And a lower utility bill for them is a win for you too as they’ll be less apt to move away. Who doesn’t love to save on electricity?

That being said, anything you can do to make your mobile homes more energy efficient is a win!

Corner bookcase

Unquestionably, a corner bookcase is a great addition to any mobile home. With some lumber, a coat of paint, and a little know-how, it doesn’t take much to get a corner bookcase installed.

This makes good use of those little-used spaces called corners. If your mobile homes are small, this is especially a keeper in the idea department.

Shelving around the door frame

Another shelving idea involves going all out with the shelving around the door frame. Instead of just installing shelving above the frame, go all the way around the door frame. This will give your homes some extra storage space for tenants to store their books or simply show off their vases and favorite pieces.

It’s a fun idea for making use of space in a small dwelling.

Potted flowers

If you’re trying to capture some attention for potential tenants, adding potted plants around the mobile home’s exterior entrance is a must. They bring life to the place, giving a welcoming vibe to the home.

Yard cleanup

Without a doubt, the most budget-friendly thing you can do to spruce up your mobile home park this spring is clean up the landscape. That’s right – rake leaves, pick up fallen tree limbs and branches, and bag up litter!

It’s the little things in life that leave the biggest impact.


Finally, another thing you can do (especially if you’re looking to catch the eye of families or pet owners), is put up a fence.

A fence is a great way to keep children and pets in while keeping stray animals out.

There are a variety of fencing options out there and you may find that there’s a budget-friendly option that fits the atmosphere of your mobile home park.

Low-cost mobile home budget with big outcomes

In brief, we get it. You don’t have to dish out the big bucks to improve your mobile home park this spring. And you don’t have to. Just be willing to roll up your sleeves and get to it. You’ll be glad you did. Along with these ideas, you can also implement some low budget landscaping ideas in the mix.

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