In our series, Mobile Home Park Ideas, we’ve already looked at one popular option, retirement communities for residents 55 or older. Another common “niche” park is the family mobile home park. As the name suggests, these parks are open to families of all ages. For couples just starting a family, or for families with multiple children, mobile homes are a budget-friendly option. Family┬ámobile home parks offer space to play and the privacy of a home (unlike the paper-thin walls of an apartment).

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So what are some of the features that define a family mobile home park?

If you’re planning to develop a mobile home park that caters to families, you’ll want to include features that are attractive to potential tenants. Here are a few that we suggest:

Space to play

If you have the option to purchase land around your mobile home or turn some unused space into a play area for kids, this would be a plus. Families want their kids to enjoy playing outdoors and breathing fresh air. Make sure the area is safe and looks inviting. Another option, if you’re short on space, is installing a bike path around the perimeter of your park.

bike path

Convenient location and facilities

Anyone with kids will tell you that convenience is a must. Mom knows that no matter how much she plans ahead, there will always be last-minute runs to the store. If your mobile home park is conveniently located, Mom might convince the whole family to live there. In your advertisements, list amenities near you like grocery stores, shopping centers, schools, etc. If you don’t have the advantage of being near certain amenities, then bring them to your tenants! Get the licensing you need to have a mini market and a laundromat on site.


It’s no surprise that families will be concerned about safety. Make sure your security measures are in place, working and obvious. Families will appreciate fences around the park or at least around play areas. Encourage families to establish safe meet-up locations in the event there is an emergency.

You can also promote family safety events. Invite the local firefighters and police to give demonstrations and safety instructions. One mobile home park hosted an event that instructed kids on a range of topics including fire, bike, and tornado safety. Kids were given free snow cones as an added incentive! This is a great way to get families to come visit your park and see for themselves what a great place it would be for their kids.

Activities and entertainment for all ages

The equipment and maintenance for a recreational room can be expensive, but you might consider having a few board games and some sporting equipment that families can borrow or rent. It’s hard to keep kids entertained, so helping Mom and Dad on this one will go a long way. According to one study on shopping experiences, 77% of shoppers said that they were influenced by the play facilities when choosing where to shop. More impressively, the majority of shoppers will spend more time and more money at a place where there is family entertainment. If people are this influenced by entertainment in their decision to go out, how much more will they factor it in when choosing where to live?

kids water park

Some mobile home parks advertise cable TV. If the kids have any say in where they live next, that might be a good selling point! A kid-friendly swimming pool and playground are also attractive features. Many young families have pets. Consider a pet park where kids can bring their pets to play. Of course, you’ll need to weigh the cost of maintenance and upkeep.

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As an alternative to living in an apartment with thin walls and no land, mobile home parks are a great way for families a way to raise their children in neighborhoods with space to play. By adding a few extra features, you can make your park an attractive option for parents and their kids. But if you’re still not convinced that a family mobile home park is the right niche for you, come back next week for “Luxury Living.”

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