Want to make your mobile home park more appealing to potential tenants? Want to offer your residents another perk to living in your park?

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Especially if you have an available mobile home on your lot, then take note! Here’s an idea for you — how about turning a mobile home into an onsite “fitness home” for your residents? Sound appealing? Follow along and we’ll show you how to pull it off.

Turn a mobile home into an onsite “fitness home” for your residents

This is just one of many ideas to make your mobile home park more attractive and here’s how you can bring it about.

Plan for success

So the great thing about this is that you have a whole mobile home to dedicate to fitness. Sketch out the home’s layout and scribble in the dimensions of each room. This will help you figure out what can fit where.

Also, consider the location of outlets and whether you will need to buy extension cords and power strips.

Padded flooring is a must

Sure you could get away with carpet, but padded floor mats covering your fitness center will be best. You’ll see your carpet get a beating if you don’t, plus the padded mats will be a breeze when you sanitize your gym.

Hang wall mirrors

To help those using your fitness home, hang up some wall mirrors. Wall mirrors will help them keep an eye on their form.

Cardio and general fitness equipment

For equipment geared toward cardio and general fitness, much isn’t required.

A foam roller is a popular item you could add to your fitness home. An ab wheel is another item to add to your list of gear. Tack on a stability ball to your purchase list — they’re great for abdominal work and they’re pretty versatile.

Fitness studio with cardio machines
In addition to the above, get a cardio machine such as stationary bikes and treadmills. As you see your fitness home garner plenty of use, you may want to have more than one bike and treadmill in your fitness home.

Now let’s move on to strength training equipment — this will require a bit more investment in equipment.

Strength training equipment

For strength training, you’ll definitely want a little breathing room in your budget. Shop around for an adjustable bench — this will probably be your biggest expense, but its versatility makes it well worth the price.

Now let’s talk dumbbells. They’re a common staple in any gym and for good reason — they’re affordable and can be incorporated into a variety of exercises. Get your hands on those too.

So let’s see what else would work to get started. How about a pull-up bar for those tricep lifts and push-ups?

There are several options out there you could incorporate into your onsite “fitness home.” But this is a good start, especially if you’re starting on a budget. Take your time and shop around — you might find a good deal from a gym going out of business.

Benefits of having an onsite “fitness home”

There are numerous benefits to having an onsite “fitness home.” If you’re still undecided as to the benefits of pulling one together, we trust the following paragraphs might persuade you.

Happier tenants

In numerous studies, exercise proves to induce feelings of happiness, chasing away the blues and stress of everyday life. It’s a healthy coping mechanism with the struggles your tenants may face in their own personal lives.

Improve memory and brain health

Did you know that exercise improves memory and thinking skills?

As your tenants exercise, their heart rate will increase, improving the flow of blood and oxygen to their brains. For older tenants, especially, this is a welcome activity as they are more susceptible to memory loss. Exercise means a healthy brain!

Boost energy levels and lose the weight

In addition to improving brain health, energy levels are increased in the lives of those who exercise regularly. Discourage the couch potato life and encourage your tenants to exercise. Gone will be the days of fatigue.

Happy exercise partners

Convenience of location

Having an onsite gym open to your park tenants will increase the likelihood of their making use of the exercise equipment. The convenience of having it in the park is just too good to pass up.

Start small, you can always expand

If you are daunted by the amount of equipment you think you’ll need, don’t give up just yet. Start with the basics or keep things simple by focusing on a few pieces at a time. Maybe start with treadmills only. Throughout the year, you can fill up the other rooms with equipment.

Better to start small than not start at all.

For increasing that mobile home park appeal and improving your park, we have plenty of other ideas where that came from.

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