We’re only a few months away from summer and it’s time to start plotting out your community events. Perhaps you’re a mobile home park manager who wants to bond your park’s community, or you’re a resident with a penchant for event planning. 

There’s summer fun in store for residents of all ages. Pulling together these fun mobile home park events will provide residents with an opportunity to meet with and get to know each other.

Introducing opportunities to exercise neighborliness is beneficial for the health and wellness of your mobile home park.

1 – Fourth of July Fun

When you think of a summer party, Fourth of July celebrations usually come to mind. People are already in the festive mood of fireworks, cookouts, and family gatherings.

Organizing a Fourth of July community event that weekend is a great idea. This All-American holiday is filled with opportunities to have a good time in celebrating the blessings of the freedoms we have here today.

Send out invitations with details surrounding your fourth of July mobile home park event. Invite folks to dress up their yard with a July fourth motif. Will you have games? Think about how you’d like your residents to pitch in with the festivities.

Face painting, balloon animals, and two-legged races are some fun activities you could organize.

2 – Block party

You don’t have to wait for a holiday to find something to party over. Typically, these parties are held on a closed-off street in a neighborhood. However, if you have a community center in your park, that’s a great place to host it too.

If not, see if some of the neighbors would agree to close off a section of the road in your mobile home park and host the block party there.

Plan it with a theme in mind

A few women wearing masks for a costume masquerade party

As you plan your block party, keep in mind that choosing a theme will help provide a sense of direction in your planning. If you’re going for a spooky theme, then clearly an evening block party would be best.

Your theme will also help block party participants in their wardrobe choices. If your party is paradise themed, then attendees will want to come in beachy clothing.

Be sure that you’re following legal procedures, too

Also, if you’re opting to close down a street for the location of your block party, then you may need to get in contact with your city hall. Find out if you need a permit before you set yourself up for disappointment. It would be tragic to pour all that time and effort into a party and be forced to close down midway due to not having a permit.

Lay out the rules in your invitation. For example, you could mention that attendees should not feed their neighbor’s pets, you could set a curfew for the party so that neighbors can sleep, and you could place some guidelines down in regards to trash.

You can host contests for best costume or best-decorated bicycle, games like apple bobbing, and maybe even karaoke.

3 – Craft show

A craft show is another great way to get to know your neighbors. You’d be surprised at what hobbies and crafts your neighbors are into.

Again, if you have a community center, you may host it there. If not, you can see about finding some space spanning several yards to put tents up for shade. If your residents are apprehensive about sharing their yards, try the block party tactic of closing off a street.

Invite select residents to host a workshop or two. This can be a fun activity to break the ice. Who knows – maybe it’ll inspire others to take on a new craft or hobby.

4 – Garage sale

There’s nothing quite like a neighborhood garage sale. This is something you can open up to the rest of your town or city, placing ads in newspapers and on community bulletin boards.

Man looking over used books at a garage sale

A garage sale is an excellent way to help your neighbors declutter their homes or find things they could use at a bargain price. It’s also a great way for residents to earn a little cash from things that were just sitting in their home, collecting dust.

5 – Game show night

Who wants to be a millionaire?

OK, so no one will leave your game show with a million bucks in their pockets, but you could make people feel like a million bucks!

Why not send out invitations and host your own game of trivia? This could be loads of fun for both audience members and participants. You may invite participants to pay a fee that will go towards the prize.

You may also consider some gag gifts for the ones who lose. That’s always fun if you give it to them before the audience’s eyes.

For a more in-depth article on hosting your own game night, visit Trivia Bliss.

Be a planner. You won’t regret the outcomes!

When you look at the big picture, you’ll find that your efforts to get some mobile home park events planned are worth it. Developing relationships inspire a sense of general well-being in your community. These relationships will pave the way towards talking with them about more serious ideas for the park.

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