It’s been a busy year. Your mobile home park enjoyed some big wins as a community and even survived some pain. But you made it. We stand at the end of a year, ready to welcome the new.

Where does that leave your newsletter? With the year coming to a close, so comes the end-of-year edition of your mobile home park newsletter.

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First of all, we’re glad you have a mobile home park newsletter. It’s a great venue for communication with your mobile home park.

As you plan out your end-of-year newsletter, we’d like to offer some specific ideas for your benefit.

Ideas for your end-of-year mobile home park newsletter

Remember, this edition of your newsletter stands at the end of the old year and at the start of the new year. Let’s keep that theme in mind as you write your newsletter.

Local holiday discounts and deals

To be sure, businesses and restaurants are capitalizing on end-of-year spending. It’s prime time to find some nice holiday discounts and deals in your local area. Collect the savings and share it all in one place!

If you’re not sure where to start, begin by calling up local businesses and restaurants. Let them know you have a whole community reading your newsletter and that you’d like to pass on any savings they may have in store.

Your readers will appreciate the opportunity and knowledge of savings for the whole family.

Advice to keep up with New Year resolutions

Another idea for that end-of-year newsletter edition is to include some helpful tips and hacks to make this year your best year yet.

Weight scale and tape, weight loss resolution

There’s lots of inspiration on the web for how to find success in the new year. Prowl the web for tips that enrich life. Walking, for example, is always a winning habit that’s good for a person’s emotional and physical well-being.

Task someone with writing up some helps for productivity, health, and happiness for a brighter year. Your readers will appreciate the helpful material as they face the excitement and uncertainty before them.

A fun recap of the community’s year

The end of a year and the start of one is prime time to pause and look back on all that transpired over the last twelve months. Take note of the moments that stood out through the year. Ask your management team or other members of the community for inspiration if you’re drawing a blank.

In writing up a recap of the year, you’ll be surprised to see how much has transpired. Some things were good, some things were bad. But here you are today with your mobile home community.

Invite your community to submit pictures with some of their personal highlights of life in the park. It’s a great way to involve the community in celebrating a new year.

Things you’d like to inform residents about for the new year

Looking forward to the new year, do you have any special announcements to share with your mobile home community? Your newsletter is a great place to share those announcements. Upcoming park-wide projects, a schedule of the next year’s events, and housekeeping notices could take part in your newsletter content.

Leveraging your community newsletter for announcements that affect the new year is a great idea.

A special thank you note to your residents

To say that you couldn’t do this mobile home park adventure without your tenants and management staff is an understatement. Write a heartfelt note of thanks to all that make your mobile home park the thriving community it is today. These people have been with you through the challenges and victories of running a mobile home park. They’ve caused you to grow as a person and businessperson.

Thank You greeting card

Gratitude goes a long way to brightening someone’s day. Let your park know you care by voicing your thanks through a special thank you note in your newsletter. You’ll be glad you did.

Throw a party, ramp up the excitement for the new year

Lastly, don’t forget to advertise your mobile home park new year party! If you haven’t thought about throwing a party for the new year, it’s time to stop and consider making that happen. Start off the new year with a bang by throwing a fun celebration the whole family can enjoy.

You could pattern your party after neighborhood block parties but do it indoors if it’s too cold. Invite folks to contribute food and to come ready for games.

We wish you and your park a happy and healthy new year!

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