Across the U.S., numerous mobile home residents have pulled together mobile home owners associations for their park.

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Today, we’ll be looking at how a mobile home owners association works and how you may benefit from having one in your mobile home park.

Starting a mobile home owners association

In many states, mobile home park residents have the right to start up these associations. If not in a state that makes this a right, the residents would need to seek permission from the mobile home park manager.

Many of these states also provide protections regarding resident associations. For example, they require the park to allow homeowners association meetings within the common facilities. And this must be allowed free of charge. The association cannot charge membership fees to its members without a vote. A seven days’ notice, save in the case of emergencies, must be given before holding an association meeting.

According to the National Manufactured Home Owners Association,

A homeowners association is a formal group of neighbors who come together and form an organization to act on their shared values and vision for the community. Three things are needed to make change in any community:

  • A vision,
  • A base of people who believe in that vision,
  • A vehicle to organize the base.

Homeowners associations are a vehicle manufactured homeowners can use to organize a base and promote their vision. After all, it is about protecting YOUR investment in YOUR home!

A voice for mobile home park residents

In a home owners association, all members of your mobile home community have a voice. They should be encouraged to join. Ideally, 75% of your community members would be part of your association so that the majority of residents have adequate representation. It may take several years to accomplish. But that is the ideal goal.

Additionally, each mobile home association member has a voice and a vote when it comes to making decisions. Because the association leaders are part of the mobile home community, the park’s association members can decide who to elect. The association members are also part of your community.

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Structure within the association

Any mobile home owners association will have a degree of order and structure thanks to bylaws. These bylaws provide direction on how to properly make decisions. They also outline the roles of your association’s leadership.

Benefits of a mobile home owners association

When it comes to caring for your mobile home park, welcoming the idea of a mobile home association is a brilliant idea. People are more apt to care about their neighbors and the park they live in if they have a voice.


Through the mobile home owners association, members may pull together to institute a neighborhood watch. They can organize a park-wide cleanup day and host community events. They’ll also take charge of welcoming new residents to your park. Keeping in touch with their neighbors is also an important role.

As you can imagine, allowing a mobile home owners association in your park brings out the best in homeowners. They’ll take pride in their community by getting involved.

The home owners association will help their members become better acquainted with their rights and roles as mobile home owners. Together, they’ll work with park management to improve the mobile home idea. If mobile owners do their part, the mobile home stigma will soon be a thing of the past.


And in case there is a misunderstanding or quarrel between a community member and park management, the mobile home owners association will step up to the plate. They’ll provide a helping hand in mediation, allowing for better communication and understanding between both parties.

As an organization, the association will be able to work with local and state legislators to protect mobile home owners. Should legal action need to be taken, the mobile home owners association will be able to stand together in court.

Unfortunately, along with the benefits of embracing a mobile home park community, there are risks involved. But this is where the mobile home owners association steps in. Should the mobile home park where you live be shut down, they’ll work on your behalf to encourage the local government to help with relocation funds. They’ll also serve as a mediator between you and the property owner to help you in your transition.

Mediation handshake

If you decide on pressing forward with creating an association for your community, here is where you can find the application forms.

What can a mobile home owners association do for you?

In summary, welcoming a mobile home owners association in the border of your park community is a great way to increase your mobile home park’s appeal. It gives your community a sense of unity, and encourages homeowners to care about the park’s well-being.

Whether you’re a mobile home park owner or a mobile home park resident, this is a beneficial move for either party.

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