Although an unusual feature to include in a design, putting a mobile home on stilts can be an intriguing option to many. But is it safe? Why would you want to put it on the stilts in the first place? What type of housing situations would elicit such a foundation?

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Today’s article will examine the reasons and scenarios behind this type of mobile home foundation.

Is it safe to place your mobile home on stilts?

It can be safe to place your mobile home on stilts, but the safeness of such an installation is dependent on the quality of the installation. Professionals are available to help you come up with affordable and sturdy designs that will hold up against the elements while meeting any state requirements.

Professionals will come on your property and drive pilings (the “stilts,” if you will) into the ground with the help of a crane. These pilings are tied together, forming a solid foundation. Next, the house is brought to the property and the crane is ready to lift each part of the mobile home in place. (If it’s a single-wide, obviously, it will be moved in one part. If it’s a double-wide, it will be lifted onto the piers in two parts.)

As it’s lifted onto the stilts, the sheetrock may crack in various places. It will need to be repaired by the professionals. The home will now be tied down to the piers. Once the home is tied down into place, the deck and railing can be installed. Finally, the stairs are added, completing this unique foundation.

Why would you want your mobile home on stilts?

There a few reasons why placing your mobile home on stilts would be beneficial.

As you consider this foundation option, keep in mind, different locales may have specific requirements for the height and materials used for the stilt foundation.

Flood and storm protection

Even scientists think homes are better off on stilts.

In flood-prone and coastal areas, stilt homes are increasing in popularity. Insurance companies and building code regulators are encouraging homeowners to take on this type of foundation.

Flooded Mobile Home

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A stilt foundation will keep your home above any flooding and provide safe elevation in the face of a coastal storm.

Assessing the aftermath of hurricane Irma, homeowners were delighted to see their homes continued to stand tall after the devastation Florida faced. Strong concrete pilings sunk into rock made for a sturdy foundation.

Breathtaking views

A less practical but valid reason to place a mobile home on stilts is to afford the homeowner a better view of the landscape.

Being above the treeline provides scenic views of sunrises, sunsets, and all the sights in between. Adding a deck to your stilt foundation design if a brilliant idea to fully enjoy the potential of a mobile home on stilts.

Just picture yourself sitting on your deck or porch, enjoying nature’s panorama before you. Whether it’s before the start of a hard day’s work or after, it’s worth the investment.

The view is a feast for the eyes and nourishment to the soul.

Build on steep land

Perhaps you’re a property owner with unstable or steep land. Maybe your property is on the side of a mountain, or perhaps it’s on a rocky but steep beachside.

Here we have a solution to your foundation needs by placing your mobile home on stilts. Not only will you be able to place your home on the otherwise unusable property, but you’ll be afforded a great view of the land.

Other considerations

Additionally, mobile homes on stilt foundations keep out pests and animals. Better ventilation below the mobile home and a smaller home footprint are other perks in having a home on stilts.

Homes on stilts

Image credit: Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA (not copyrighted)

The beauty of mobiles homes is in their versatility while providing homeowners with an affordable and quality housing option.

For example, today we talked about mobile homes on stilts. It’s definitely a valid foundation option. And this is great – you can entertain the idea of choosing a mobile home due to its winning qualities without having the location crash your dreams.

So not only do we find that the mobile home is a great housing selection due to its customization in floor layout, but it’s also great for its versatility in foundation options.

Living up high

Whatever your unique housing needs or whims, the mobile home can deliver. If you need a stilt foundation, have no fear, you can have it. Maybe lifting your mobile home on stilts is overkill for your needs. A simple concrete slab may be just what you need.

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