2017 is a thing of the past, but it’s not to be forgotten. We’d like to take a moment to highlight and review some of our best articles from last year.

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Revisiting the past doesn’t have to hurt, and this certainly rings true for reading past articles here at EZ Homes.

Mobile home highlights from the last year (2017)

In 2017, we wrote on a variety of topics, ranging from buying a mobile home to managing a mobile home park to making upgrades. Join us as we take a peek at some of the cream of the crop from last year’s articles.

Buying manufactured homes

In our article, The Pros and Cons of Buying Manufactured Homes, we offer some of the benefits that come with buying this particular type of housing.

However, we acknowledge that such housing is not all roses or for everyone. We take the pains to lay it all out for your consideration, in hopes of giving you a comprehensive look at such an investment.

Scrapping a mobile home

How To Sell A Mobile Home For Scrap And What You Can Expect is an article worthy of your attention if you’re looking to retire your mobile home. Like with anything else, a mobile home won’t last forever. Perhaps the thought of selling your home for scrap has crossed your mind.

Check out our article and see what is entailed with such a decision.

Managing a mobile home park

When you read the article, How To Manage A Mobile Home Park And Find A Great Manager, you’ll find some practical advice on mobile home park management. You’ll also find some great tips on finding that manager who won’t let you or your tenants down.

Keeping residents safe in Winter

While not a popular topic, winter safety is something to be addressed. You want your residents safe and warm from the wintery elements.

Mobile Home Park Safety | Keeping Residents Safe This Winter lays out some practical ways you can implement some safe ideas for your park.

Living in a mobile home park

With countless options available to you, how do you know which mobile home park to choose? And what can you expect in embracing the mobile home park life?

Residential neighborhood with blooming flowers and trees

Living In A Mobile Home Park | What To Look For And What To Expect breaks down the reality of mobile home park living and the qualities you should have before signing any papers.

Pricing your mobile home lot

Whether you’re a soon-to-be-tenant or a landlord, it’s important to know what lot rent rates and fees should look like

In our article, Mobile Home Lot Rent | What Are Reasonable Rates And Fees? we’ll provide some guidance on what these costs should amount to.

Being a great mobile home park owner

Regardless of whether you’ve just acquired a mobile home park or you’re still sitting on the fence about getting one, this article should be helpful. We wrote Mobile Home Park Owners’ Responsibilities And Expectations with the intent of providing some clarity. It’s good to know what responsibilities fall under your jurisdiction for the care and improvement of your mobile home park.

Understanding the HUD code

Next up on our lineup of articles, we have Deciphering The HUD Code: How It Affects Your Mobile Home. This particular piece sheds some light on what the HUD code means to the mobile home construction process.

You’ll see the benefits of having the HUD code implemented in the manufacturing process of these homes.

Evaluating RV vs mobile home

Well, when it comes to RVs and mobile homes there is a difference. You’ll want one over the other depending on your plans and needs for life.

Mobile home camper

RV vs Mobile Home: How They Stack Up Against Each Other is a helpful explanation of the difference between two different types of housing on wheels.

Upgrading your mobile home

There are many benefits to a mobile home upgrade as they can increase the value of your mobile home. They also give your home the look you’re vying for in a home.

In Mobile Home Upgrades That Can Increase The Value Of Your Home, we talk about the various upgrades that will make your home more appealing and valuable.

Understanding mobile home water lines

Inevitably, things fall apart over time. It’s important that you get an idea of how your mobile home works. If you look underneath your home, the maze of pipes and stuff can be daunting.

Mobile Home Water Lines: Understanding The Basics is an attempt at helping mobile home owners understand the world of water lines. You’ll gain a basic understanding, enough to help you know what you’re talking about when the professionals come in.

Insightful tips to expand your mobile home knowledge 

For sure, last year was insightful and educational in our mobile home journey. We hope it was for you too and we also hope you find these older articles helpful.

If you thought these articles were something to appreciate, check out our thoughts this year on mobile home park investing.

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