A one-stop shop for common mobile home help is helpful to anyone involved in mobile home use. Sometimes the problems that arise in everyday life catch us off-guard and send us reeling. Other times we’re just inundated with a zillion to-dos on our action plan list.

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It’s nice to have a clearer picture on where to get help and how to move through a problem. That’s why we decided to collect a list of mobile home help needs, from financing to repairs. Within each point of interest, you’ll find some helpful leads on where to find that help.

Finding mobile home help

Now the thing you must remember is that it helps to call around and acquire quotes before committing to any business. You want help with your mobile home needs, but you want the right help.

So without further delay, let’s look at some mobile home help for your various needs.

Mobile home financing

If you’re looking at moving into a mobile home or doing extensive repairs to one, you may need to know your financing options. Start with your local bank – some will offer financing if the home is attached to a permanent foundation. Then check to see if there is a federal loan you can apply for. This article offers further information on the different options for mobile home financing.

Mobile home moving help

In the event that you need to move a mobile home, the first thing you need to know is that you can’t do it on your own. There’s no DIY way to do it safely and legally. You’ll need the help of a licensed mobile home moving company. This company will have the know-how to legally and safely relocate your mobile home.

Some localities require a permit for the home to travel through. Others only require that you buy a permit to move the home onto property within the property.

To find the best mobile home moving help, try the directory over at MobileHomeParkStore.com.

Mobile home scrapping

Have an old abandoned home on your property? Or a mobile home that is past making an investment in for repairs? There are different ways to dispose of mobile homes. Sometimes fire departments will accept them as donations for fire training. It doesn’t hurt to attempt to give that home towards a good cause.

Old house with broken glass and door

If you simply wish to scrap the mobile home, then you’re looking at a tedious process in taking it apart. Call up your local scrap yard (search in the local phone book). Ask about scrapping your mobile home. Some places will tell you to just bring the mobile home as a whole to the scrapyard. Others will demand that you take it apart and bring it in pieces.

Find out the requirements and you’re all set to begin scrapping that home.

Selling your mobile home

Need help with selling your mobile home? Walk through your home taking note of what needs repair work. Prioritize the most important and most affordable and set to work. Remember that things such as a fresh coat of paint can make a night and day difference to the overall look of your home.

If your mobile home comes with property, get in touch with a real estate agent. You will find advertisements for real estate agents in your local paper or phone directory. Alternatively, you may get it on to the MLS listing without a realtor.

You can also advertise your mobile home on places like Craigslist and your local classifieds.

Renting out your mobile home

Looking to rent out your mobile home to a tenant? Where do you find tenants? Why, it’s back to the classifieds. You may also try advertising your vacancy in the social media marketplace.  

Mobile home foundation help

Is your mobile home foundation requiring some mobile home help? Maybe you’re finding some things about the foundation a bit disconcerting. Or perhaps you want to move your home onto a different foundation.

There are different types of foundations, including basement foundations for mobile homes.

With something so important — a feature that will affect your mobile home’s skeleton — it’s paramount that you find the best in mobile home foundation help that your area has to offer.

Call your county office for help in locating a certified contractor who will ensure your foundation is on par with state requirements.

Mobile home help for investing

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Mobile home investing is rewarding but we won’t say it’s easy. You need to research, study and learn all you can about the trade. Some great mobile home help in the investing arena can be found in websites such as Mobile Home Investing and Bigger Pockets.

Need more mobile home help?

It’s worth noting that the above is a brief overview of the various mobile home help needs you’ll run into. Whatever your needs are, we hope you find some solutions via our articles. Feel free to use the search bar on our site for any more nuanced needs.

So we discussed scrapping, we discussed foundations and more. There’s a lot of work with any home ownership situation but it’s nice to know where you can get help when you need it.

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