Another year in the books. While we’re grateful for 2019, it’s time to say hello to 2020. It’s a new year with new dreams and aspirations. And what better way to ring in the new by making a fresh start in your mobile home? But how do you make a fresh start in your mobile home?

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We’re glad you asked. We curated seven different ways to make a fresh start in that home of yours. Big changes begin with you and often through a collection of small actions. So what do you say? Are you ready to embrace that fresh start? 

7 Ways to make a fresh start in your mobile home 

Propel yourself into the new year with these seven different ways to make a fresh start in your mobile home. The start of a new year merits a little extra attention to make it special.

Are you ready to kickstart the new year with success?

1 – Say goodbye to the clutter

To cultivate that fresh start, make it a point to declutter your mobile home. And we’re not just talking about the visible areas like your countertop. Look inside your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Surely things don’t look as they ought. Go into your closets, pantry and more. Let the decluttering begin and watch your home transform into a place of new beginnings.

Then go through your belongings and be prepared to say goodbye to the things you don’t use. They can either be thrown away or donated to those who could make use of them. (Be aware of the condition of your items before tossing it into the donation bin!)

2 – Get books to kickstart the new year

Now how about giving that mind of yours a fresh start? Feed your mind good food to move you forward into the new year. With the desire for more discipline and productivity comes a much-needed pause to understand the nuts and bolts of making it all happen.

Stack of books

Get your hands on some self-help and productivity books. Often written by those who’ve gone on their own journey of growth, these books can provide helpful encouragement and hacks to self-discipline and success in your goals.

With the right mindset, you’ll find yourself reaching for the stars.

3 – Hang up your goals and vision

To begin the process of starting afresh, you need goals and vision. But it’s one thing to have goals and vision, it’s another to accomplish or reach for your goals or vision.

A helpful hack in realizing your goals and vision is to keep it all within eyesight. That may mean putting up visible reminders of your resolutions for the new year. You can hang these reminders in the form of lists or images that represent your resolutions. For instance, the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, entrance door, and above the coffee pot are a few key spots that will help you keep your goals in mind.

4 – Deep clean your home

Here’s another way to make a fresh start in your mobile home. Deep clean it. That’s right, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a home that’s scrubbed from floor to ceiling. Chase away the dust bunnies and cobwebs, say hello to the freshness of the deep cleaned home.

5 – Hang up a new calendar

Now how about tossing out the old calendar and getting a new one up? If you don’t have a calendar, today is the day to change. A run to your local department store will reward you with a myriad of calendar options.

6 – Organize that junk drawer

Colored pencils in the drawer

If you don’t get to deep cleaning the house, tackle that junk drawer. It’ll give you a better mindset for the new year, trust us. You’ll find that most of those thingamabobs can be done away with, making space for a useful and organized drawer.

7 – Try something new

And finally, try something new. Incorporate a new hobby or look into your mobile home lifestyle. This could be a new style of decor, new scents, or even a fun evening game or hobby for the weekends. 

Ring in the new year with a new mindset

As you delve into the new year, remember to take it all in stride. Day by day, moment by moment, good habits and goals are cultivated or reached. But don’t forget to be kind to yourself – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now that you’re on track to making a fresh start, why not consider changing up your decor? Get inspired with these trending design details for 2020.

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