It comes as no surprise that mobile homes are growing in popularity. They’re an affordable housing option for many American families. In honor of the viability of mobile home housing and investment opportunities, here’s a list of all kinds of mobile home facts.

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1 – Mobile homes supersede national borders

First, on our list, we have the mobile home’s international impact. Mobile homes are not just an American housing option. In fact, people all over the world are into the mobile home craze in some shape or form. Whether in Africa or Europe, people are getting in on this affordable housing option.

2 – They can be on private or rented property

Here’s a great fact about mobile homes: you don’t have to be a landowner to live in one. You can either rent the land (or what is called a “lot” in a mobile home park) or you can buy your own land. If you buy your own land, you have to pay property tax. If you don’t, then the property tax is the mobile home park’s responsibility.

There are benefits whichever path you choose. On the one hand, owning your own land gives you more control over what you can or cannot do. On the other hand, renting property places less responsibility on yourself in that regard.

3 – Mobile homes are popular among the rich and famous

Talk about fun mobile home facts. Did you know that celebrities are into mobile homes? Well, we’re here to tell you that mobile homes aren’t for low income or middle-class families. They’re excellent housing for anyone, regardless of someone’s social or financial status.

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For example, Matthew McConaughey lived in a mobile home in Malibu at some point in his life as a successful actor. And Kid Rock is a big fan and currently lives in one. He loves that they can afford him a minimalistic lifestyle and aren’t costly. If his home burns down, he knows a new one can be built quickly thanks to the speed of mobile home manufacturers.

4 – The technical term is “manufactured home”

Although most use the terms “mobile home” and “manufactured home” interchangeably, technically, they are different. According to the HUD code, mobile homes are now “manufactured homes.”

In 1980, Congress made the term “manufactured home” official in the lawbooks. But for most, “mobile home” will continue to be a part of everyday speech when referring to manufactured housing. To some, it connotes the pre-hud code dilapidated homes on wheels. However, others choose to redefine the words “mobile home” to mean quality and affordable housing.

And if you’re talking about today’s mobile home, that brings us to the next point on our list of interesting mobile home facts.

5 – Manufacturers build and deliver homes quickly

Here’s a big selling point for mobile homes – you can have yours within a few weeks. Compare that to a stick-built home which takes months or years to put up.

6 – Mobile homes are built to withstand the weather conditions of their respective zone

Manufacturers design mobile homes to withstand the hardships of their placement zones. So let’s say your mobile is going in a zone that deals with consistently heavy snow. The roof will be built to withstand the weight of snow.

7 – Mobile homes are customizable

Another great thing about mobile homes is that they’re customizable. Build it how you want it and when you want it. Most mobile home manufacturers offer such an option to their clients. You can build the perfect home to fit your family’s needs all while staying within the proper codes for manufactured home construction.

8 – The triple wide is real

Most people know that mobile homes come in single or dual parts. A single wide is one unit ready to go. And a double wide is a home built in two units which must then be put together at the home’s final destination.

But a triple wide is the term given to manufactured homes that come in three or more units. Yes, three or more!

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9 – Green-friendly models are growing in popularity

More and more mobile home manufacturers are seeing the value in choosing green methods and materials for their manufactured homes. This is good news for the environment and good news for the homeowner. Not only is “going green” healthier, but it’s also more economical.

10 – Mobile homes connect back to gypsies

Did you know that history of the mobile home has its roots in gypsies? Yes, that’s right. The first “mobile home” like structures were that of the traveling gypsies. Built on wheels and pulled by horses, their homes were truly mobile.

Now that you know these mobile home facts…

We hope you enjoyed these ten amazing, fun, quirky, and interesting mobile home facts. Intrigued by the idea of mobile homes? Thinking about mobile home investing? We have some need-to-know tips before you get started.

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