As a mobile home park manager, you’re probably looking to increase your park’s appeal. And that’s great. Why shouldn’t you care about your investment?

mobile home exterior

You want to bring in people who will care as much about your mobile home park as you do. Take the extra effort to make the place better improved and people with an eye for the details will be attracted.

We have several ideas for mobile home exterior improvements that will give your park that extra bit of sparkle appeal.

The exterior of your mobile home will be one of the first impressions a potential new tenant will experience. You want to hold on to the magic that comes with house-hunting. If you can help them see the potential of a new place of residence, you may have a new contract on your hands. And that’s great.

Mobile home exterior improvements that will make your park stand out

So without further delay, let’s get an overview of the different improvements you could implement. Whether you use them or not, we hope they provide ample inspiration to get the ball rolling on some mobile home exterior improvements.

Mobile home skirting

If your mobile home’s underside is exposed to the elements, then you’ll definitely want to look at installing mobile home skirting. This is a great way to increase your mobile home visual appeal. No one wants to see the axle and tires underneath, so by giving your mobile home a stationary look with the skirting, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. And your tenants.

There are a variety of mobile home skirting options available to you. Your choice of mobile home skirting is contingent on the home and overall vibe you want for your mobile home park.

You can find basic vinyl skirting, brick skirting, stone skirting, and more. While not authentic, the production quality can be high enough to give an authentic look.

Flowers and landscaping

In addition to skirting, why don’t you consider adding some landscaping features? A place to plant some shrubs and flowers alongside the exterior of the mobile home can add an extra bit of spark to any home exterior. Find low maintenance greenery for your mobile home exterior improvements.

Potted Plants Outside House Window

Potted plants of various heights will also add a lovely array of life to any yard or mobile home porch.

A white picket fence

Next, on our list, we suggest adding a fence to the perimeter of the yard. If you can’t go all out around the front and backyard, that’s OK. At a minimum, you can add some along the front the yard. A fence doesn’t have to serve a practical purpose. Aesthetics is important too.

Your white picket fence can serve as a trellis of sorts for vine-like plants. It’s a great backdrop for flowers too.

Add a carport

Because most everyone has a car these days, adding a carpet to your mobile home will increase appeal. Carports are a great shaded space to park the car or let the children play.

Your tenants will appreciate and see the value in having a place to store their car or motorcycle.

Exterior paint

While you may not notice at this moment, a fresh coat of exterior paint can really liven up a mobile home’s exterior.

Choose colors that coincide with the other homes in your mobile home park. You don’t want your homes to clash in style unless you’re going for an eclectic look. And if you are, that’s fine by us. Just keep in mind the tenants you want to bring into your park.

Add a back patio area

Certainly, a back patio area for relaxation and hosting friends is a winner for most people. You may wish to consider laying some concrete behind the mobile home or having a deck roomy enough for entertaining.

Screened in porch

Or if you prefer, some of your homes may be more appealing with a screened in front or back porch. This gives your tenants a nice way to enjoy the outdoors without becoming a mosquito’s meal. Add a few chairs, some wine, and you’re set for a safe little getaway.

Outdoor Patio With Furniture

New door

And let’s not forget a new door. This is what your potential new tenant will come into contact first, more than likely. If the door is a bit aged and creaky, maybe it’s time for a replacement.

However, if you think there’s still some life in it left, you may wish to clean it up and brush on a fresh coat of paint.

Start choosing what works best for you

We hope these ideas help with your mobile home exterior improvements. Now at least, you have a good list of ideas to use. 

There’s no doubt the changes you make will be rewarding. If you feel these changes are a bit beyond you right now, take a look at some low-cost options.

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Dan Leighton has been working in the mobile home industry for over a decade. His focus has been on sales and customer relations - making sure each person in the transaction is comfortable and fully transparent. He has a wife and one son. Dan continues to look for innovative ways to help both sellers and parks get the most bang for their buck.