Are you looking to take your entertainment to the next level? The year 2020 comes with some killer tech updates you should consider. (And we’ll even consider more than just tech, too).

If you’re the sort of household to leverage entertainment time for relaxation and hosting, you’ll love these updates. And whether your updates include one or all of these ideas, you won’t regret making changes — large or small. 

At-home entertainment can save you money. Rather than spend over ten dollars on a theater ticket per each person, you can invest in entertainment updates for a more comfortable and more fun viewing experience.

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Consider the options before you, then watch your mobile home’s entertainment features take flight.

Take your entertainment to the next level with these 2020 updates

So let’s look at the various ways we can take your entertainment to the next level in 2020. If you’re daunted by some of the tech-related updates, take a deep breath. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. 

Surround sound

If you want to change the way you watch movies, surround sound is a must. Having various speakers strategically placed around the room brings a movie to life. The lifelike sounds that emanate from various speakers at different points of the movie work based on speaker placement.

Are you daunted by the idea of setting up a surround sound system for optimal performance? No worries. Many kits come with a microphone that you can set in the room so the system can self-calibrate. 

The smart TV

Are you on the fence regarding whether or not to get a smart TV? It’s time to replace your plain-Jane TV and get on the tech bandwagon. With a smart TV, you can integrate your internet connection. And as a result, you can use your streaming services and connect the TV with your phone without a third-party device. How cool is that?

Gone are the days of satellite and cable, thanks to the smart TV’s technology. 

Interior design

Before you think your mobile home’s entertainment area is subject to only tech updates, think again.

Take a look at your mobile home’s entertainment area. Is it comfortable? Is it cluttered?

Interior design of an entertainment room

Minimalism continues to take the stage in 2020. If you want to update your entertainment room’s interior design, this is the year to do it. Bring in some comfortable furniture with entertainment in mind.

Retro, old-school sofa designs are making a comeback – with wood frames. Velvet and rich colors are also garnering attention in 2020.

But remember, this is a kick back and relax setup. So keep comfort in mind as you shop around for your updated furniture. If snacking is part of the entertainment, a coffee table will be welcomed – and maybe some end tables too. 

Additionally, don’t forget to add a comfortable rug to the room. A rug denotes a cozy vibe while providing anchoring factor for the room’s furniture. 

Voice control

As time goes on, voice control continues to gain momentum. Don’t shy away from leveraging the power of the voice in your home. Want the lights on? Just say so. Want to turn on the news? Your wish is your tech’s command. Take control of your entertainment by voicing your wants. 

You can even keep your entertainment room clean with voice control.

Control the room from your phone

But it’s not just about taking control via voice. Make your phone a control center for your entertainment room’s functions. You can adjust the thermostat or turn on the music while you’re on your way home. To do that, you must implement smart technology that communicates with your phone. (Note this is also a great way to monitor your kid’s TV time while you’re bustling about). 

Smart technology thermostat

And if you’d like, you can even control the mood in the room by dimming the lights and turning the coffee pot on while you’re en route to the house. May as well tell your smart device to order a dinner delivery too. 

Kick back and be entertained in style

Now you know what devices you need to take your entertainment to the next level in 2020. So what are you waiting for? Take what you’ve learned and update that mobile home of yours. 

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