Modern times offer us the chance to leverage new tools to make life so much easier. And what do we have going for us today? The app store on your phone is chock-full of tools to make decorating your mobile home so much easier. 

This is good news. Anything that makes your task easier is a win. So why not leverage technology when you can? It can save you time and help you make better decorating decisions. And what’s not to love about that? 

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If you’re not sure what to think about inviting this new technology into your life, that’s OK. An app can be deleted. So why not give our suggestions a chance? 

7 Apps that will make decorating your mobile home so much easier

To help you decorate your mobile home, we’ve collected a list of seven different app suggestions. These app suggestions will make decorating your mobile home so much easier. 

Are you ready? Follow along!

1 – Paint color visualizer

If you’re looking to add a fresh coat of paint to your home, you’ll love the useful paint color visualizer. There are numerous paint color visualizer apps on the market, but we’ll give a shoutout to Sherwin-Williams for their app. 

However, feel free to try out a few different paint color visualizers and see which one works best for you. With a paint color visualizer, you can upload a picture of your room. After your picture is uploaded, you may “test” different paints on your wall. That way you can see what the paint looks like in your home before you go through the trouble of painting it. 

Such an app can spare you both time and disappointment. 

2 – Measure app

You can measure distances with an app — that’s right. It’s not far-fetched. Relying on calculations made through your phone’s camera lens, the EasyMeasure app can help you determine distances and sizes. This can come in handy as you decorate your mobile home. 

Who hasn’t misplaced their measuring tape? Frustrating, right?

3 – Need a level?

That’s right, your smartphone can be a carpenter’s dream tool. With the ihandy app, you can level that picture frame you’re trying to hang — and you can get it just right. 

It’s time to level out those flat surfaces. No more crooked picture frames, no more lopsided ovens. 

4 – Pinterest

If you don’t have Pinterest in your app toolbox, it’s time to embrace this game-changer. Your smartphone is severely missing out on an important app. Pinterest is a treasure box of decorating ideas and inspiration. 

In a sense, it’s the Google of creativity — and decorating is well-covered in Pinterest. Type in what you’re looking for and prepare to fill up a board of ideas within your Pinterest account. The hard part may be whittling down your ideas. 

5 – Wallery

Additionally, there’s an app for art hanging placement. It can spare you some grief. Rather than drive a nail into a wall and find that you don’t like your art placement, you can see the possibility in the Wallery app. See what your art looks like arranged on a wall in your app. When you’re happy, you can begin to hang up your art.

6 – Adobe Color CC

Not sure how to pair colors? Adobe Color CC will come to your rescue. It’s a spectacular color wheel tool that will help you determine what to pair up with your desired base color. No more guessing games on complementing your room’s main color. 

7 – Paper

Here’s a handy app for the planning process. Paper will help you organize your plans and ideas for the new look coming to your mobile home, room by room. Unleash your creativity by leveraging Paper for your mobile home’s new look. You can sketch over images, and draw your own plans.

Paper enables you to create a portfolio of sorts for decor ideas. 

Decorate your mobile home with confidence

So with some killer apps in your hand, there’s no telling what you’ll accomplish. Decorating your mobile home has never been easier. Figure out what you want to do, leverage the powerful apps at your fingertips, and watch the magic happen.

It’s your home. You should decorate with confidence. Enjoy the journey and happy decorating!

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