Without order, there is chaos. Without rules, there is no order. It’s as simple as that.

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The same goes for life in a mobile home park — you need mobile home community rules because the park matters. Therefore, the rules do matter. Your park, without rules, will be like a toy sailboat on the waves of the ocean. It’ll fall prey to the whims of the residents or nature without care.

Why mobile home community rules matter

In any culture or civilization, rules come in some shape or form — even if loosely. You are in grave need of these rules if you want to live in harmony.

Of course, the type of park you’re going for will determine the extent of your rules. Some parks will require more rules than other. Other parks will be more lenient towards mobile home park residents. It simply depends on the goal of your park.

Keeping everyone on the same page

In a place where many people share the area, it’s important to find harmony in day-to-day living. Mobile home community rules help everyone to know what’s expected of them, their home, and lot. No one will feel surprised by demands or singled out when you lay your expectations out in the mobile home community rules.

Getting rid of stigma

On a similar note, your expectation that the park residents rise above the mobile home stigma will come out in the rules. Mention their obligation for a clean yard and exterior. And there you are, tackling a key component of the mobile home park stigma.

Don’t be afraid to insist on clean park residents.

Green, mowed lawn

Cultivating trust

Another thing to consider regarding the importance of rules is the fact that others will look in and see them implemented. They’ll appreciate it and find themselves intrigued by a sense of care for orderliness.

They’ll see your park rules and will either be deterred or jump on board. If your rules deter them, that makes your job easier. Potential tenants know right off the bat this park is not for them. It saves time for both parties.

5 rules to include in your mobile home park

Now that we’ve discussed the fine qualities of integrating mobile home community rules, let’s look at five rules that you may wish to include in your mobile home park.

1 – Insist on cleanliness

In your mobile home community rules, you may wish to establish some boundaries for cleanliness. In this park’s rules and regulations document, the landlord establishes the following understanding:

“Tenants are responsible for the overall appearance of the mobile home site.  

All mobile numbers must be visible from the road. The premises shall also be kept in an orderly, neat and clean condition and shall be free of litter and clutter. The mobile and driveway should be washed and painted as necessary. All paint colors must be approved by the Park Owner.”

The rules clearly establish who is responsible for the cleaning and what is to be kept clean.

2 – Park speed limit

This one is important as it’s putting the safety of your park community first. A sensible speed limit in the park is going to make a good impression on residents and visitors as they see you care about safety.

3 – Fenced in yard for dogs

An important thing to keep in mind for the safety of your community is both two-legged and four-legged community members. A rule requiring a fence to keep dogs contained will keep Spot and neighbors safe.

Dog behind a wooden fence

4 – Timely payment

A mobile home park is a business. If you’re not getting paid on time, you’re not going to keep the park afloat if collecting pay is a challenge. Insist on timely payments. Inflict late fees on those who choose to delay in paying their rent.

5 – No disturbing your neighbors

In a community, residents need to understand the airspace is shared by everyone around him or her. It can be annoying to the community if one neighbor is blaring rock music at 3 a.m. while the rest need sleep for the workday ahead. It’s important to encourage courteous neighbors in your rules.

Rules to support and reflect your community

Mobile home community rules do matter.

A mobile home park should be a place of unity and harmony. It’s a place where diverse people of different backgrounds and lifestyles live in a way that respects their community. There are many different types of communities ranging from co-op to age restricted. So keep in mind that your park’s rules should reflect the type of community you want to promote.

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