When it comes to mobile home community management, it’s up to management to set the tone. Management needs to take the lead and cultivate a safe and friendly environment.

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This can be done with the right attitude and strategy in place. We’ll give you a few ideas on how to tackle this operation.

In reality, you’re in charge of the park. You need to do your part to keep your park safe and friendly for the residents who live there.

Mobile home community management for a safe, friendly environment

We’re going to provide tips on how management can help residents make their mobile home park safer and friendlier for all. With some love and care, mobile home community management can be a breeze.

Keep the lines of communication open between residents and management

To maintain a safe environment, make yourself accessible to residents. Be approachable so residents know they’ll have someone they can trust should they notice any odd behavior in the park. Let them know you care by taking their concerns seriously. Maybe their concerns have little weight, but you can still do something. You can listen and you can take the time to follow up and thereby show you care.

Cultivate communication among residents

Now it’s not just about you and one tenant. Your mobile home park is made up of many individuals and families. It only makes sense for the community to unite. Not merely for the purpose of uniting but to help mobile home community management keep things in order and safe.

It’s everyone’s park in one sense. You’re just the one who owns it. But they’re all living there and active. It’s their home too.

There are many things you can do to encourage community.

Friends and cocktail drinks

First, host community get-togethers. Consider a block party or other fun activities that will foster an emotional connection among neighbors in the park.

Once your community interacts with one another, they’ll be more in tune with watching out for their neighbors. If they see anything sketchy happening around a neighbor’s property, they’ll likely do something about it.

Encourage neighborhood watch groups

Another idea is to encourage neighborhood watch groups. These watch groups will help with your mobile home community management progress. The key is to involve your community. A neighborhood watch group is a great way to do this.

Screen tenants

Have you thought about screening tenants? Some parks will focus on seniors or families. Find out what you need to do to screen tenants. Contact your local government to see what’s legal in the screening process.

Invite law enforcement to host seminars at your community center

To help your tenants, you can invite law enforcement to provide helpful seminars to your park community. They can teach your park to identify problems and how to deal with unsafe and hostile situations.

In addition to seminars, you can provide printed educational material to your tenants. This literature can vary from time to time. One month you can provide pool safety information and the next you might provide summer pet care tips.

Encourage fences

For those households that have pets and children, encourage fences to be put up. Fences will keep your pets in. It will also keep stray dogs out.

Metal chainlink fencing

On top of being a great way to keep pets safe, fences also keep children in a protected area. While parents should continue to keep watch over their kids whether or not a fence is present, a fence will help make the task easier.

Well-lit areas

Light is a deterrent to crime. If you can get street lights to keep the area well-lit, that helps stave off crime. Suggest sensor activated lights for the exterior of tenants’ homes.

Keep a first aid kit handy

At the office, it’s smart to keep a first aid kit handy. In the case of an emergency, you’ll be prepared with gauze and more to assist anyone who is wounded.

Keep your park and your residents safe!

Now that we’ve discussed safety in the overall ambiance of your park, how about keeping it safe on the legal side of things? It’s important to understand your responsibilities as a mobile home park manager. Mobile home community management is a big responsibility and there’s no need to shirk that.

It doesn’t have to be intimidating, but it is important to know that your park is legally compliant. Failure to be compliant can result in being forced to shut down the mobile home park. It would certainly be a tragedy to both you and your tenants who are counting on the park for shelter.

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