There’s no judgment here. We all have those neglected areas that need to be cleaned. You know, the places you forget or miss in your regular cleaning. In some cases, it’s a mystery as to why those places in your mobile home are overlooked. Maybe it’s because that area is not on eye level. Or maybe it’s because it’s such a part of your everyday life, you don’t even notice it.

Cleaning in progress signs

Wait — you don’t know what we could possibly be talking about? Well, you’re reading just the right article. We hope to help you get some cleaning done as we place the spotlight on those places that love to collect dirt.

The most overlooked places in a mobile home that need to be cleaned

Now let’s look at these often neglected places and get to it. So, roll up your sleeves and get your hands on your favorite cleaning tools.

Door handles

First, on our list are door knobs and handles. When was the last time you wiped down the doorknobs and handles in your house? We’re talking about every single one of them. The door knobs for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets to the bedroom and closet door knobs — they all need to be disinfected from time to time.

Don’t be fooled by how they look. Germs are invisible to the human eye and can spread quickly.

Baseboard and trim

Next, let’s kneel down to floor level and take a look at that baseboard and trim. Check them out. How does they look? Have you inspected the baseboard and trim around your entire home?

If you find a clean area, it’s likely because you take time out to clean it. Baseboards around your home are prime culprits for dust collection.

Trash cans

How about those trash cans in the kitchen and bathrooms? How are they faring? When was the last time you took them outside and spritzed them with disinfectant and rinsed them out?

We’re certain that trash particles have collected inside and outside that trash can. So why wouldn’t you want to clean it out before it gets stinky, regardless of trash bag replacement?

Ceiling fans

To clean your ceiling fan is to help keep your air clean.

Ceiling fan

Since no one wants to send layers of dust flying off the fan blades, get yourself a ladder and wipe them down.

Underneath your appliances

When was the last time you moved your appliances to clean underneath them? We’re talking about the small and heavy appliances. This includes coffee makers, toasters, and microwaves to washing machines, dryers, and stoves.

Underneath such appliances, you’re sure to find a host of dust bunny families and/or crumbs that need to go.


Here’s one you don’t think often about — pillows. We’re not talking about pillowcases — although we’d like to think you keep tabs on those already! Dead skin cells and oils accumulate on your pillowcase and pillows, providing a great habitat for dust mites. If you want to keep the allergies and dust mites at bay, get those pillows washed up on a regular basis.

Light switches

When was the last time you went around wiping down your light switches? Yes, that’s right. It’s time to wipe them down too. Because they’re a part of your home that is often touched by a variety of hands, this is an important task to cover.

Remote controls

Now let’s talk about those remote controls.

Remote controls on a table

It doesn’t matter if they’re not sticky. You don’t know what germs and grime lurk on the surface. Wipe them down with a disinfectant wipe from time to time. Even if they don’t recognize you for it, your family will appreciate the mitigation of germs spreading.

Sparkling clean — it’s a win for all

In hindsight, your vision is 20/20. How did you miss all those needy areas?

Don’t beat yourself up. It happens to even the best of us. And to be honest, most (if not all) of the areas don’t require daily or even weekly cleaning. The best thing you can do to stay on top of keeping the dust bunnies and grime off these overlooked places is to write it into your calendar.

It’s good to be reminded, right? We could all use friendly reminders to inspire a happier and healthier mobile home lifestyle. Your family will appreciate and you will benefit too! In the end, it’s a win for everyone in the home.

The appeal of cleaning up

For the mobile home park manager, deep cleaning your vacant homes can help attract tenants. And not only that, there are other ways to increase your park’s appeal. Improve your community and watch those vacant mobile homes attract tenants.

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