A small home doesn’t have to equate to a cramped home. Today we’re showcasing some clever ideas that allow homeowners to leverage the space in their small homes! A small home can propel you to become a little more innovative in how you store or setup everyday home items or tools.

And as you’ll see, while these ideas are clever, they’re not rocket science. It’s the littlest things that make the biggest impact in conserving space and making the most of your mobile home.

White floating shelf with green plant and candle

You can create more space without going 100% minimalist. So before you start working your life around your home rather than working your home around your life, let’s look at some neat ideas.

Clever built-ins for more space in your mobile home

From the bathroom to the living room, we have a string of great ideas you can bring into your small mobile home. You’ve heard the old saying, “the world is what you make of it.” It applies to your mobile home too! Whether it’s in spaciousness or mental attitude, there’s a lot that you can do to make your home a more suitable living space for you and your family.

Recessed medicine cabinet

To begin with, let’s look at recessed medicine cabinets. These medicine cabinets take up less space than one that hangs on your wall. How? This type of cabinet is installed into your wall, capitalizing on space that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Really. How many of us build things into our walls? It’s not a common tactic, but it can make your bathroom look less crowded.

If you take the time to shop around, you’ll find various options on the market. You can purchase them as ornate or as simple as you like.

Folding ironing board cabinet

Now let’s talk about folding ironing board cabinets! Yes, it’s a thing! For those who aren’t big on ironing, you may wish to skip this one. But if it’s a home task that you keep up with, a folding ironing board cabinet might be well worth your attention.

Iron and ironing board

Rather than deal with the hassle of setting up and folding up your ironing board, you can fold it up into the wall cabinet. Some fold-up ironing boards are unobtrusive, folding into a beautiful wood textured cabinet. Clever doesn’t need to be unattractive.

On that note, if a hanging cabinet is hard to swing due to wall space, here’s another idea. You can rig a fold-out ironing board into a cabinet drawer!

Shelving near the ceiling

Instead of crown molding, put up a shelf that follows along the perimeter of the room’s ceiling. In hanging this shelving up, you’re leveraging space that would otherwise go unused. For the bookworm who’s tight on space, this is a clever idea.

You can also put potted plants and dress up the shelving with books and your favorite memorabilia. Don’t forget to dust up there! If it’s out of the direct line of sight, you’ll need to make an effort to keep it in mind!

Make your trash can’s space serve a dual purpose

A trash can will likely take up space in your already small home. Why not make the most of the bit of space taken up by the trash can? Rather than set out a bare-bones trash can, place it in a special stand-alone cabinet — this will serve a dual purpose. You can set things on top of the cabinet, over the same space the trash can is taking up.

Embrace a fold-down desk

For more space in your mobile home, consider a floating desk. A floating desk mounts onto your wall and can be pulled out as needed. And it can be folded back up when not in use. This clever contraption is a great addition to any home that’s looking to save space.

Add a shelf above the bedroom door

Here’s the last clever idea in our list of built-ins. The sliver of wall space above the door frame is often left unused. Why not make the most of it by installing a shelf in that spot? You can store towels and blankets here — or other things that you are not in constant need of.

Tiny spaces, big ideas

Whether you simply like the idea of integrating clever built-ins or you’re in desperate need of space, we hope these ideas deliver.

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