More and more people realize that the negative stigma surrounding the mobile home concept is a thing of the past. The modern mobile home has come a long way from its predecessor. And why not? These homes afford the American homeowner with quality and affordable housing at the fraction of the cost of a stick built home. The popularity of the mobile home is rising.

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This is great news as it’s a win for the business-minded person and those seeking affordable housing. Mobile home investing is a great opportunity for businessmen and consumers alike.

If you’re curious about mobile home investing, here are a few mobile home blog sites that key in on this idea.

1 – is John Fredo’s corner on the web. He’s a young entrepreneur in Texas, and investing in used mobile homes is how he makes his living.

Interestingly, John never finished his education and never worked in a corporate business setting. But what he did have is a burning desire to be his own boss. He was convinced he could make money on his own, but remained without a clear direction on what to pursue. It wasn’t until his eye caught his roommate’s how-to real estate book that he found his niche.

Immediately, John Fredo fell in love with the idea of buying up, fixing, renting, and selling homes. Without an ounce of real estate knowledge under his belt, John proceeded to research and gain experience in the field.

His blog is a diary of sorts, and a hub of education for those who are new to the mobile home investment idea. He knows what it’s like to start from zero knowledge and work his way up to a self-sustaining mobile home investing business.

At, John aims to share both his victories and loses.  This is in hopes of helping you along in your journey, with minimum confusion.

His blog is a great place to see what’s involved without having to sift through over-hyped articles.

2 – Mobile Home Investors Academy

Over at the Mobile Home Investors Academy blog, you’ll find a plethora of articles. They review the questions and situations you’ll face as a mobile home investor.

Within the pages of this blog, you’ll find helpful articles such as “The Difference Between Pro-Landlord States and Pro-Tenant States,” “Top Numbers a Mobile Home Park Investor Needs to Know,” and “How to Find Local Staffing and Management for Mobile Home Parks.”

Mobile Home Investors Academy was created to focus on education regarding this trending investment opportunity.

Whether you’re new to this venture or a seasoned investor, you’ll find help along the way.

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3 – Adventures in Mobile Homes

Rachel Hernandez is no stranger to investing in housing. For over a decade, she’s been hard at work buying, fixing, and reselling homes. Today she focuses on mobile home investing, what she deems a fun and rewarding experience.

In an effort to help those who are new to the trade, Rachel consistently writes and posts new articles to her blog, Adventures in Mobile Homes. Along with her articles, you’ll find helpful advice in her ebook “Conversations with Mobile Home Gurl: 10 Dos and Donts to Get Started in Mobile Home Investing.”

She’ll teach you how to search out and acquire the best deals, understand the terminology specific to investing, and more.

4 – Mobile Home with Land Investing

Over at Mobile with Land Investing, Aaron Kinney seeks to educate and encourage others who are looking into mobile home investing. With almost a decade of time and effort in this business, he is able to adeptly describe the ropes of working in the mobile home and land investing arena.

Along with his blog, you’ll find an ebook and training course that takes new investors through step-by-step training. This training will help them grow their mobile home and land investment business.

5 – Mobile Home Park Classroom

Next, on our list of mobile home sites, we have Jason at Mobile Home Park Classroom. His experience in the trade goes as far back as his childhood, with his family now on the third generation of mobile home park management.

For three generations, Jason’s family has been ironing out the kinks in mobile home park investing and management. In the spirit of education, Jason’s chosen to share the process and procedures that took them from struggling to successful.

Thanks to his blog, Jason’s generosity will save you thirty-five years of learning the hard way.

Bonus: Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast

Among our list of mobile home blog sites, we have Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast. Not a blog we know, but we thought it would make for a fun bonus at the end of this list! For those who are strapped for time in front of a computer screen, tuning into the Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast may be the best way to further your education.


A brief adventure through excellent mobile home blog sites

So as can be seen, there’s a wealth of material on the web to keep up with industry standards and learn the trade. We hope these mobile home blog sites prove helpful in your mobile home investing pursuits.

Additionally, we have our own articles for making the most of your mobile home park investment.

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Dan Leighton has been working in the mobile home industry for over a decade. His focus has been on sales and customer relations - making sure each person in the transaction is comfortable and fully transparent. He has a wife and one son. Dan continues to look for innovative ways to help both sellers and parks get the most bang for their buck.